Travel Made Easy – Price Check

You have your dream destination and even found flights and hotels – but it’s more than you thought it should cost? You can’t find the great deals everybody is always talking about?

Let me help you and do a price check without a risk to you: Please provide me with the following information for your planned trip in the form below:
Flights: Airline, Flight Number and Date, total amount of ticket, including taxes and fees
Hotel: Hotel Name & Location, Room Type, Dates of Stay, total amount of stay, including taxes and fees

I will look for a better deal and try to save you some money. If I can’t save you at least $200 on the trip, there is no charge. If I do, the fee for this price check is $99 and you keep the rest of the saving – so you win in any case! I’ll even share my tricks, so you can keep saving on future trips!
Please only request this service, if you have not booked your trip or can cancel it without penalties! 

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Done – what’s next? I will review your itinerary and look for a cheaper alternative! If I can’t find anything that’s at least $200 less,  I will let you know and send you whatever alternatives I did find – no charge! If I do find greater savings than $200, I will send you an email with the savings amount and ask you to confirm that you want to go ahead. Please pay by clicking the button below – as soon as you pay the PriceCheck fee of $99, I will send you the way to book the cheaper itinerary! Be ready to book immediately – you will have to book the new trip within 24h of the time the email was sent to take advantage of the savings – prices change quickly!

What happens if the air fare or hotel room has gone up? If it’s gone within the 24h window, I will refund the fee. If you have waited more than 24 hours to book and the savings are now less than $200 – I’m sorry, you have missed the opportunity. I will be happy to provide alternatives to save money, but will not be able to refund the fee!