Travel in the CoVid-Age – All you need to know!

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has changed travel more than any single event in my lifetime. I traveled in Asia at the beginning of the outbreak and as it got worse. I “got stuck” due to the fast closing web of travel restrictions and will have to travel again, while the pandemic is raging on. In a series of posts, I will share the experience of traveling during the coronavirus pandemic in different countries. I will give tips how to get refunds on air and hotel bookings and how to make the best of your elite status. And I’ll outline how to prepare for trips during or after the CoVid Period and will give you an idea of what to expect!

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I read the first news about the Coronoavirus emerging in China when I was at my chosen home in Manila, Philippines.

Manila Cathedaral

And, while it was still considered mostly a problem in China, I traveled to Singapore to meet family for their tours of South East Asia. I spent time with them in Luang Prabang, Laos, as well as Hanoi and Hoi An in Vietnam, before returning to Singapore.

Riverfront Hoi An, Vietnam

By this time, the Coronavirus had started to spread around the world and countries started issuing travel restrictions, preventing me from returning to Manila or pretty much anywhere else, stranding me in Singapore. With my Visitor Visa bound to expire, I’m returning to the country of my birth, Germany soon.
Each of these countries has handled the CoVid situation very differently, resulting in drastically different experiences. I’ll share my experience of living through the Coronavirus pandemic in different countries in a series of posts, hopefully giving you a different perspective from what you have experienced and what you read in the news!

Laos – of the CoVid Path

Vietnam in the CoVid Age – Strict Rules & Community Support

Philippines in the CoVid Age – Community Action in the Absence of Government Coordination

Singapore in the CoVid Age – Is a Success Story stumbling?

Germany in the CoVid Age

I know many people who love to travel are sitting at home during the Great Lockdown, thinking of the wonderful experience of past trips and at the same time wondering how travel might look like in the future, the New Normal? I will share my experience from the trips at the beginning and throughout the CoVid period, as well as my thoughts on what to expect in the future and what I think are the best destinations post-CoVid!

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