Discover Destinations

1 Discover DestinationsWhat inspires you to travel? And how do you find your next dream destination? Recommendations from friends, books, magazines, TV, internet? Do you have a hard time finding just the right thing for you?

When I traveled around the world, I relied on books, the internet and recommendations of other travelers, but had some issus. Most books are focused on places – cities, countries… The countless web sites were selling flights or hotels, not an experience…and other peoples idea of the perfect place did not necessarily fit what I was in the mood for or fit my budget.

The key to discovering the perfect destination for your next trip is to find the experience you are looking for – do you just want to get away from it all or explore history and culture? Do you want to have fun in the city or be one with nature? Browse through the different sections for inspiration, have fun finding your next destination and safe travels:


Ready to get away from it all? Don’t want to do anything, but relax and recover? You need a “Getaway” from the bustle of your everyday life. Just make sure you leave your phone, computer and TV behind…


Hongkong Victoria Peak - NightCitytrips
Want to feel the pulse of a new city? Experience performances, restaurants or shopping in a foreign city? Party all night? People watching? You need to go on a “City Trip” and experience what other cities are like.



History & Heritage
Curious about our heritage? The history of the great cultures that have come before us? Want to explore old temples, castles, fortresses and ruins? Experience “History & Heritage”.


Hawaii Kauai Waimea Canyon 2

Nature & Adventure
Do you feel like exploring Nature? Do you want to leave civilization behind? Get up close and personal with lions or sharks? Are you ready to go on an outdoor adventure? You need to head for “Nature & Adventure”.