Fantastic Foto Friday: Safe, sunny, sandy: Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Nha Trang Beach & Boardwalk

Nha Trang in South Central Vietnam is blessed with endless beaches. You can walk for miles along the boardwalk or sandy shore and enjoy the view out over the warm see. There are trees and grass behind it, so you can rest in the shade. And Vietnam has done exceptionally well during the Coronavirus pandemic, making it a safe choice for post-CoVid travel!
Check out my Destination Guide Nha Trang to plan your own beach getaway.

Travel in the CoVid-Age – All you need to know!

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has changed travel more than any single event in my lifetime. I traveled in Asia at the beginning of the outbreak and as it got worse. I “got stuck” due to the fast closing web of travel restrictions and will have to travel again, while the pandemic is raging on. In a series of posts, I … Continue reading

Review SoFi Money (USA): Interest Checking, no fees, worldwide ATM reimbursement, a $75 sign-up bonus- and peace of mind for traveling!

Update 2020: SoFi is offering a new cash management account with debit card that currently pays 0.2% interest, charges no monthly or other account fees, no Foreign Exchange (FX) fees for use abroad and reimburses ATM fees worldwide, instantly. You can control the card and account from your mobile app, giving you additional peace of mind when using the card … Continue reading


Fantastic Foto Friday: Melaka, Malaysia, Riverwalk

Melaka Riverwalk

Melaka is a fun, little city in Malaysia, easy to reach for a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. There is a lot of history to see, but my favorite spot is the riverwalk. It’s well done and lined by little restaurants and bars, making it a great spot for a walk or to hang out for happy hour as the evening cools!
To plan your own getaway to Melaka, Malaysia,  check out my Destination Guide Melaka!

Airline Loyalty Program Elite Extensions due to CoVid-19

Travel has shut down worldwide to a degree never seen in my lifetime due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic and most airlines have shut down or severely reduced their schedule, some around 90% of their flights. Even the most frequent travelers are staying home and will fly or spend enough with airlines to meet the targets to renew their elite … Continue reading