Travel Made Easy – Services

Travel should be a great experience and leave you with memories for a lifetime. But when you read travel reviews and blogs, you find a lot of trips gone wrong. To make sure yours doesn’t, you can leverage blogs like this to find great destinations and the best flights and hotels – but it takes a lot of time and effort And with today’s busy lives – do you have time for that?
If your answer is “no” – don’t worry, you can still go on that trip you have been dreaming about! You don’t have to go to the same destination over and over, book a tour or cruise, just because it is easy. I can help you put together an independent trip of a lifetime to the destination you want! Let me be your travel consultant and assist you, so you can focus on what travel is all about  – the experience!
I have been a frequent business traveler for more than twenty years and a passionate leisure traveler for just as long. I have traveled 12h in International First Class across oceans and 12h on a pickup truck across the Cambodian countryside. I have stayed at hotel rooms worth USD1,50/night and USD1,500. Along the way, I have collected (and spent) millions of points and miles across all the major and some not-so-major frequent traveler programs. I’m happy to put that experience to good use to create a dream trip for you!

Travel Made Easy – Dream Itinerary
Just tell me what experience you are looking for and what regions of the world you are open to exploring. What was your best vacation so far – and your worst? How much time and money do you want to spend? With a little information what the right trip for you might look like, I will put together two itineraries for your Dream Trip. One will be a popular place – and one will be an alternative that might surprise you – different, a little exotic and surprisingly affordable!
The itineraries will come with suggestions for your flights, hotels and things to see & do. I will also provide a budget for the hotel and airfare!
The fixed fee for the Dream Itinerary is $149. That includes up to 3 destinations and all the flights and hotels involved. If you have a more complex trip in mind or want the VIP treatment with airport pick-up, tours and a romantic dinner on the beach, just let me know and I’m happy to provide you with a custom proposal – anything is possible! And if you love the trip and can’t wait to go, I can even help you book it! Click here to get started!

Travel Made Easy – Price Check
You already found all the flights and hotels you want – but the price just sounds to high? Are the air fares and room rates much higher than what you thought it should be? Your dream trip doesn’t fit into the budget you have?
Let me do a Price Check for you – with no risk! I have learned a lot of tricks to find the best rates over the years and will put them to good use for you. Tell me the exact dates, flights and hotel rooms you have and what prices you have found. I will look for a better deal – if I can’t save you at least $200 on the trip, there is no charge. If I do, the fee is $99 and you keep the rest of the saving – so you win in any case! I’ll even share my tricks, so you can keep saving on future trips! Click here to get started!

Payments Made Easy – PayPal

The payment for my travel consulting should be as easy as your trip – that’s why I use PayPal for payments. You can use cash (with PayPal gift cards), your bank account or credit and debit cards to pay. If you have any issues with the service provided, I will make it right – and you have the PayPal issue resolution process if you are not happy with the outcome.