Travel Made Easy: Dream Itinerary

Let me help you with your Dream Itinerary. I will provide you with a popular destination that matches the experience you are looking for – and one alternative dream destination!

What you can expect: I will provide you with 1 proposed Dream Itinerary and 1 Alternative Itinerary. To get an idea what that looks like, check out this example:
Dream Trip Asia: City fun, beach relaxation & historic temples

Your Dream Trip Itinerary will include the following:
Proposed Destination
A short overview of your destination(s), highlighting the things to see and do and the experience you can expect, with links to more information. I will explainwhy I think you will find the experience you are looking for. The Alternative Itinerary will describe how this destination is different from what you might have seen before and why I think it is a dream destination!
Sample Flights
I will provide sample flights, with the airline, dates and fare information, within your budget and the time frame you provided. It is meant as proof that the Dream Itinerary fits your budget and is realistic!
Sample Hotel(s)
I will suggest a sample hotel at your destination that matches the desired experience, based on the information in your form and within your budget. It is meant as proof that the Dream Itinerary fits your budget and to give you a better idea how your dream trip will look like, similar to the example above!
Booking Advice
I will provide you with suggestions on how to book the flights and hotels I propose – or how to find alternative flights and hotels that might better suit your needs.

Please keep in mind that I’m using all the tricks at my disposal and prices for hotels and air fare change quickly, so you might not be able to reproduce those prices exactly – the longer you wait, the bigger the risk of prices going up! Consider the prices guidelines!

What happens next? Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible – the more I know, the more specific I can be with my recommendation! Please read the help below the form to get an idea for the type of information I’m looking for! Once you have filled it out, please click the “Send” button below the form on the left!

Your Name (required)

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The Experience I'm Looking for:
City TripGetawayHistory & HeritageNature & Adventure

The Regions I'm open to visit:
North AmericaCentral & South AmericaEuropeAfrica, Middle-EastAsia Pacific

My Hotel Budget per Night:

Desired Hotel Category, minimum number of stars:

My Flight Budget (return-trip):


Travel Period: -

Length of Trip (days)

My Best Vacation and Why

My Worst Vacation and Why

Anything else I want you to know:

I’m done – now what? As soon as I have reviewed the form, I will contact you by email with any questions I might have. If I don’t think, your budget is realistic for the experience you have in mind, I will provide you with a suggested alternative! Once I confirm that I have all I need to put your dream trip together, please pay the fee via PayPal, so I can get started as soon as possible. You will receive the Dream Itinerary within 48h of payment confirmation.

What if I don’t like the itinerary? If the two itineraries don’t meet the experience, region or budget criteria you provided in the form, I will make one round of necessary adjustments.
I can’t guarantee that you like the sample airline, flight connections or sample hotel – they are meant as guidelines and you are free to select other hotels at the destination that are more to your liking!
The Dream Itinerary does not include the actual booking of the trip – that is up to you, whenever you are ready to go. Or you can ask me to do it as a follow up task and I will be happy to assist you!

Experience: Are you looking to relax on a beach or have fun in the city? Are you a history buff or nature lover? Are you trying to make different people happy and need a mix of different experiences? Check one or multiple options!
Regions: Where do you want to go? Please check any region you would be willing to travel to, not only your preferred region – that way I can prepare some exciting alternatives! The more regions you choose, the more exciting options there are! Be bold, check them all!
Hotel Budget: How much are you willing to spend per night on your hotel in US Dollar, room night only – food and other services not included?
Hotel Category: What is the minimum category of hotel you are willing to accept (based on star-rating by major bookings engines)?
Air Budget: How much are you willing to spend in US Dollar per person on your round-trip air fare?
Air Travel Class: What cabin would you like to fly in? Coach, Business or First?
Time: When do you want to go? Please provide me with the month(s) or exact dates you would like to travel – the more flexible you are, the more options I will be able to provide!
Best Vacation: Tell me a little about your best vacation ever: Where did you go and what did you like the most? Why was it the best vacation? What made it such a memorable trip? What is your favorite airline or hotel – and why? What similar places have you been that you didn’t like as much?
Worst Vacation: What was your worst vacation ever: Where did you go and why was it the worst experience? Whom did you fly with? Where did you stay? What did you hate about, never want to have happen again? Where would you never go (again)?
Anything else: Do you have any travel restrictions, medical needs or special requirements? Accommodation or airline preferences?