Travel Made Easy

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the choices of airlines and hotels? Lost among the countless reviews and advice columns? Can’t find those “bargain fares” or “free hotels? Or plain don’t have the time to scour the internet for the best deal and the right hotel? Relax, travel should be a great experience and it can be, again. That’s what “Travel Made Easy” is for! Travel Made Easy will help you find the right destination for you, at the right price and make the most out of it! You can “do it yourself” by checking the TME-posts for destinations, airlines and hotels, ask me for help in the comment section of any post – or let me make your dreamtrip come true with the Travel Made Easy – Services!

Angkor Wat Reflection PondTravel Made Easy – Destinations Inspired by the Discover Destination posts and ready to go, but not sure how to go about it? Check out my TME Destination posts. You will find advice on how to get there and around the place: What airlines? Taxi or train? There are recommendations on which part of town to stay in to be close to the action as well as reviews of hotels I stayed at. And finally, you can get some ideas of the top things to see and do at your destination and even some places to eat!


united 787DreamlinerTravel Made Easy – Airlines There are hundreds of airlines around the world, from fantastic to frightening – and all your booking web site will give you is the name and a price. But when you switch from Singapore Airlines, a Top 3 airline, to Air Koryo, the world’s only 1-star airline, you will know that there is more than price! Check out my airline facts & figures, the reviews of flights and lounges and of the airline reward programs to find the right one for your dream trip!

ConradPool1Travel Made Easy – Hotels If picking an airline is tough, selecting the right hotel is even more difficult with hundreds of thousands to choose from! And while hotel chains are trying to provide some consistency and reliability for world travelers – the big hotel groups are launching new brands faster than you can spell them! So, check out my hotel group facts & figures, the reviews of their reward programs,  overviews of their brands and reviews of individual properties to get a better idea where to spend your vacation money!

Travel Made Easy – Services If all that do-it-yourself sounds like too much work, don’t worry – I’m here to help! If you’ve read one of my posts and have a question – feel free to ask a question in the comment section of each post and I’ll answer it!
If you like what you read and have found the perfect destination for your dream trip, but don’t have the time to put it together – let me help you and put together a Dream Itinerary. Or do you have a trip in mind, but it doesn’t fit your budget. Let me do a Price Check for you to see if we can make it happen! Click here to find out more!