IHG Rewards Club Point Breaks November 2019 – January 2020 – Hotels from only 5,000 points/night

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is running regular PointBreaks promotions for their Rewards Club loyalty program. You can book award stays at select hotels at reduced rates of 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 points per night. Sometimes, that is a huge discount not only on the award rate, but also when compared to cash rates. Sometimes, it’s only hotels in inconvenient locations at a small discount. Find out what the latest IHG PointBreaks promotion has to offer and what’s in it for you!

The most recent promotion is available now and runs through January 21, 2020! There are only 15 hotels available for 5,000 points/night (5 US/10 International) this time around. For 10,000 points/night you can choose from 92 hotels (50/42) and for 15,000 points there are 70 hotels (43/27) on offer. With 177 hotels the list is a little shorter than most recently, but still offers plenty of options.

Pickings are pretty slim at 5,000 pt/n with the majority of properties in China and Texas, and not necessarily in tourist-friendly destinations.
At 10,000 pt/n you can stay at the Holiday Inn Melaka. It’s a very nice property with a great lounge and a good location to see the old town and colonial history of Melaka! The PointBreaks rate is not great value though as the Holiday Inn is often available for under $50, so check the cash prices for your dates carefully!

Holiday Inn Melaka Lounge & Food

You’ll also find a number of hotels in Thailand despite the local high-season, in Japan (less ideal winter season) and in newly-open to tourists Saudi Arabia.

At the highest price point of 15,000 points/night, you’ll find two properties in always expensive California, near the Napa Valley wine country. They are not really in Napa, but close enough as long as you have a car to drive. 

Napa is best in a Convertible

You’ll also find a number of hotels in Sydney, Australia, enjoying it’s Southern Summer and high season during this promotion, so it’s worth checking out! I’ve stayed a number of times at the Holiday Inn Potts Point – and it’s worth it just for the great views of the city!

Sydney Skyline

As always with this promotion, you can make up to 2 reservations per hotel. Chances are, availability for the most interesting hotels will go quickly, so take a look at the PointBreaks list and find a deal that fits your travels. 
Let us know in the comments: Anything interesting for you? Where you able to land a deal?

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