How I describe destinations on DreamTravel OP…

There are so many great sources of travel information available on the internet, from destination sites and travel provider sites, to travel writing and photo reporting. All of them can inspire you to travel and many can help you to make you trip happen. You will find a number of different posts on this site to help you find the perfect destination for you and plan a memorable trip: Dream Destinations, Travel Tips and Snapshots!

Dream Destinations: I have often been inspired to travel by stories of other peoples trips – or as little as a single photograph that perfectly captured the spirit of a location. The dream destination posts are meant to capture the spirit and are written about the personal experiences I had all around the world. They focus on outstanding destinations and the kind of experience you can find there, whether it is a getaway, a nature experience or a cultural experience. The posts are meant to inspire you to a trip that matches the experience you are looking for.

Travel Tips: Once you have found that perfect destination for your next trip, the “Travel Tips” are the first step to help you find out more about the destination and the kind of things you can see and do there. They will link to other content across the site, including reviews of local attractions, hotels to stay at and airlines to get you there. You’ll also find tips to get you there and around easily. They are not meant to be the “ultimate” guide to the destination, but a taste of what the destination has to offer and help to shape the experience to fit your plans, time and budget! Many places allow you to combine some culture with some city fun or nature and a getaway – so you can tailor your trip to what you want from the destination! I will provide plenty of links to other sources that have helped me plan my trips, so you can make the most out of your travel! I will update the “Travel Tips” as these destinations change, so come back to find new links and reviews! Feel free to comment and add your own recommendations, tips and tricks!

Snap Shot: Some destinations are not quite as dream worthy (to me), but you might want to stop there on your way to a dream destination, add them to a business trip – or they might be perfect for you, because we all have different dreams. Or, they are the place that grows on you, and I haven’t spent enough time there to provide inspiration or travel tips… but I still want to give a little update. You will find a short summary of destination and travel tips in one post, with links to other sources that might be helpful.


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