Zimplex Mixology Laboratory – the craziest cocktail concoctions in Phuket, Thailand!

Many visitors come to Phuket to party – and that usually involves beer in the countless bars or overpriced cocktails in the high-end hotels. But there is a lot more fun to be had off the beaten path: Zimplex, a tiny bar in Phuket town, serves some of the most innovative and photo-worthy shots in Thailand – worth trying out, even if you don’t like shots!

HKT ZimplexBar SignxsZimplex calls itself “mixology laboratory” – I usually cringe at names like this, but Zimplex really deserves that name. Their drinks are much more than shots or cocktails can describe and the countless, colorful mixtures used for their creations certainly remind you more of a laboratory than a bar!
Friends took me to this place after dinner and it’s a great place to stop by on an evening out about town. It’s a tiny place in a regular shophouse you would not likely find on your own, with only a long bar down the room and a handful of stools along the bar. Their “scientific signature shooters” are named “Candy Cane” or “Lucid Dream” and watching their creation is as much fun as actually drinking them.
HKT Zimplex - 4The bottles of colorful liquors certainly would be more appropriate for crazy scientists than bartenders, but the team of Zimplex sure knows how to create some of the most unusual drinks I’ve ever seen! And they are some great folks – you can tell they enjoy what they are doing!
HKT Zimplex - 3All of the drinks are shots, so Zimplex is less of a bar to hang out and while away the evening and more of a fun place to watch the artists in action, take photos for your facebook page and go on about your evening. If you are in Phuket, it’s worth stopping by for the most unusual bar on the island!

HKT Zimplex - 2


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