When in Buenos Aires, have steak! Al Carbon Steakhouse

Argentina is one of the great cattle countries, like the US or Australia, and when you visit Buenos Aires, you just have to visit a steak house! From the day I had booked my trip to Buenos Aires, I was looking forward to it and I went out to find a steak restaurant on my first evening in the city.

The Al Carbon Steakhouse is near the Plaza San Martin, in a neighborhood with little restaurants, and conveniently close to the Holiday Inn Express Puerto Madero I stayed at. While the facade to the street is rather small, once you step through the doors, it is a large restaurant with a long bar downstairs and table seating on the ground floor and an open mezzanine. I was hungry and got there early (around 10:30pm), so it was still sparsely visited and I got a table near the window.
BUA AlCarbon - 3The server was friendly and had a menu in front of me quickly. As expected in Argentina, they have a lengthy wine list, consisting of full and half bottles (instead of glasses). I ordered a local Malbec and some sparkling water to go with my filet steak. I also ordered tomato & mozzarella, my favorite appetizer.
My drinks arrived quickly, together with a basket of bread, consisting of different kinds of soft bread, little rolls and crunchy bread sticks. They were so good, they could have been my appetizer right there. Fortunately, the mozzarella and tomato arrived soon and it was as good as you’d have it in Italy (probably thanks to the many Italian immigrants to Argentina!). It was simple and with not too much olive oil, focusing on the taste and texture of the dish!
BUA AlCarbon - 1The main course was presented in a similar fashion: Just the filet on a plate and some french fries in a side dish – that’s it! And that’s a good thing: The steak was grilled to perfection with a little bit of black charr on the outside and perfectly cooked medium-rare with a red center. It was a very good piece of meat, tasting great just the way it was!

There are lots of good steak houses in Buenos Aires – and Al Carbon scores high on that list. Click on the map to get directions! A nice space, friendly service and great steak and appetizers, complemented by a long wine list – what more can you ask for? I really enjoyed my dinner and wish they were in my neighborhood at home!

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