Upscale Japanese Food in a peaceful setting – Fukudaya at Arya Plaza, Manila

The Philippines are a popular investment destination for companies from South Korea and Japan as well as for tourists. With a lot of Japanese expats in Manila, you’ll find plenty of Japanese food as well. And the latest Japanese restaurant in Manila is Fukudaya at the Arya Plaza. It’s an upscale restaurant in a quiet setting. We live nearby, gave it a tried it a few times and liked it – find out why!

When you hear Japanese food, what comes first to your mind? Ramen Noodles? Sushi? Fukudaya offers a broad range of Japanese food and presents it in an upscale setting. It’s located in Arya Plaza, the commercial level at the Arya Residences with a number of high-end restaurants around a beautiful open space. It’s a very quiet setting, compared to BGC High Street or Serendra!
The restaurant offers outdoor and indoor seating, as well as private seating for a business or family meal! You’ll have a view of the wide open kitchen from many of the tables, so you can see what the chefs are up to! The interior is decorated with grey stone walls, light-wood slat ceilings and view screens as well as light fixtures. It all combines to a stylish ambiance with a decidedly Japanese touch to it!

MNL Fukudaya - 1My default choice at a Japanese restaurant is usually Sushi – and the Sushi Sampler at Fukudaya didn’t disappoint: The ngiri sushi was fresh and of exceptional quality, I haven’t found better anywhere in Manila. For our main course, I tried the minced chicken burger with a soft boiled egg – it was presented very well and had a unique taste and texture, certainly worth a try. The Shrimp Tempura was equally well presented, if a bit more common. Both dishes were fairly small, so make sure to have some appetizers or use the room for dessert.
Fukudaya also has some equally inventive desserts, like the Black Sesame Ice Cream or the Rain Drop Cake – they looked tempting, but I passed!

MNL Fukudaya - 2It’s great to see a more ambitious Japanese restaurant in Manila, beyond the typical Ramen and Sushi places. We enjoyed Fukudaya and the many Japanese guests we see every day should also be a stamp of approval in a city with countless restaurants. For an upscale, Japanese dining experience in a quiet setting, give Fukudaya a try! 

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