Upscale food and drinks on Bali’s Seminyak Beach: Chez Gado Gado

Bali’s Seminyak Beach has no shortages of restaurants, but the Gado Gada stands out with its prime beachfront location, upscale ambiance and friendly service. Coffee, drinks and food are good and the million dollar views of the beach and sounds of waves crushing on the shore are included, so make it one stop on your Bali vacation to Seminyak beach!

Gado Gado means a salad of vegetables with peanut sauce – or just jumbled-up things. But I found little at Gado Gado that’s jumbled up, other than the salads! It sits right on Seminyak beach at the bottom of Jalan Camplung Tanduk.

The outdoor seating is set up high above the beachwalk, giving you a nice view of the ocean beyond the trees. You are close enough to hear the waves and it faces the sunset, giving you a prime spot in Seminyak.

While most of the beach bars are basic affairs with simple and worn wooden furniture in the sand, Gado Gado aims a little higher and creates an upscale ambiance with high wooden ceilings and nice furniture inside and upscale rattan and wood furniture like you’d find it at an upscale resort on the outside terrace.

Staff is friendly, attentive and knowledgeable and will hand you menus immediately and take your orders as soon as you are ready! We visited Gado Gado for drinks at night and for breakfast and the service was more polished than other places we tried in the neighborhood.

I usually avoid cocktails in the beach bar because they are usually pretty far from the originals they are supposed to resemble. Gado Gado did a good job with ours and while they wouldn’t win awards, they were some of the best I’ve had on Bali’s beaches.
The breakfast was done equally well. We ordered the french toast, served with strawberries and cream. The toast was well prepared and the fruits were fresh and sweet. The portion was more French than US in size – enough to be satisfied, not too much to be stuffed.

We also had fried eggs on toast with cheese and ham. It was nicely presented with grilled tomatoes with a sprinkling of cheese and veggies. It was well prepared, although the ham was a little fatty for my taste!

Bottomline: Chez Gado Gado in Seminyak offers a great location, upscale ambiance and good food and drink. The service and quality are better than other beach bars and the prices are lower than what you’d pay at nearby upscale hotels that offer a similar level of service. That makes Gado Gado good value in my book and a place you should try on your next trip to Seminyak!

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