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The airline market has been growing in the last few years in leaps and bounds. And despite worries about overcapacity, the big plane manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, are taking in new orders and mergers continue in the industry! Read on to find out the latest news from the industry!

The Farnborough Airshow in the UK, held every two years switching with Paris, is a bellwether for the industry. Each year, the big manufacturers are trying to top each other with the biggest orders for new planes and this year was no different:
embraer E190_2While it wasn’t as good a year as previous ones, Airbus took in orders for 279 planes and a total of $35 Billion! The majority of planes ordered belong to the single-aisle A320/321 family. Only a handful of wide-body A330/350 were ordered and the super-jumbo A380 didn’t receive any new orders.
Boeing lost out this year, announcing only 182 plane orders and commitments, totaling $26 Billion. Only 20 were firm, new orders, the rest either previous orders on the books or “agreements”. That’s significantly less than the previous year!
The much smaller Embraer, focusing on regional jets, added 19 orders to their books, including some of their second-generation e-jets!

LH LogoAnd it appears that Lufthansa is considering to acquire planes and routes from the struggling German competitor Air Berlin. Etihad, who made a big investment into Air Berlin, seems to focus on the hubs Berlin and Duesseldorf as feeders for their international flights, so all non-hub routes and the planes to serve them are up for sale. Lufthansa would fold them into their low-cost carrier Eurowings, giving them a big boost with 40 additional aircraft. It would also mean big changes for Air Berlin, as this would be more than 25% of their fleet. The Lufthansaflyer broke this story – check it out for more details!

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