Travel News: Air Asia reduces carry-on luggage to 7kg in total!

Lately, there has not only been a race to the bottom for airfares, but also how little luggage you are allowed to bring onboard without having to pay for it! Basic Economy fares on United and American Airlines don’t include a carry-on and Wow Air reduced it to one piece. Air Asia is now also restricting carry-on luggage even more. While they still allow one carry-on and one personal item, they now both together can’t be more than 7kg!

Despite being a low-low-cost carrier, AirAsia was fairly reasonable with their carry-on policy, allowing you one standard-size carry on up to 7kg and one small personal item without weight limit. That made it feasible to have your clothes in a carry-on like the CabinMax Metz and your laptop, camera and other essentials in the personal item. You can see from my Tips How to Pack Light that I can fit 2 weeks of clothes into that.
AAsia CarryOn Policy 201704Now, AirAsia includes the personal item in the 7kg limit, making it much more restrictive than before. It will be much more difficult now to travel without checking luggage for longer trips, effectively raising the cost of traveling with Air Asia and making full-service carriers with more reasonable carry-on policies more interesting. 
If you are planning to sneak heavier luggage onboard, be warned that AirAsia started to policy carry-on luggage by weighing it at security at some airports. I’ve seen them selectively weigh wheeled carry-ons and very big bags and send passengers back to the counter to check the luggage and pay the hefty fees. I’d expect them to now weigh both pieces on those scales! I recommend you look for light-weight luggage like the CabinMax Metz or CabinZero mini to fit all your travel needs into a single bag!

Stay tuned for my experience from future Air Asia flights I booked prior to this new policy.
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