Travel Made Easy: AirAsia Overview

Is Air Asia coming up as the cheapest airline for a trip you have planned in Asia? Want to know more about them – read on to get the facts & figures about AirAsia, the experience you can expect online, at the airport and on their planes and even how to earn free flights with their reward program!

AirAsia Overview TableFacts & Figures: AirAsia is serving 121 destinations across 21 countries, mainly in Asia-Pacific, operating with several subsidiaries in key countries, flying 182 Airbus A320 for short-haul and A330 planes for long-haul flights.
SkyTrax rates them as a 3-star airline and awarded them the best low-cost airline award 7 years in a row! AirlineRatings gives them a 4 out of 7 safety rating for Malaysia and Thailand, 3 of 7 for the Philippines and no rating in Indonesia due to the tragic accident of QZ8501 (read my analysis of the crash report here). If you want to more about the airline, get all the facts & figures!

AirAsia Interior

The Experience: AirAsia is the typical low-cost carrier: You get a tight seat on the plane and there are extra charges for your seat assignment, food, luggage or seats with more legroom or at the front of the plane. They have earned their awards by offering friendly and reliable service at consistently low prices. You can read my review here and find out why I consider them a bargain and fly them frequently! Their long-haul flights operated by AirAsia X on Airbus A330 planes offer a business class with angled flat seats – come back to read my review soon!

AirAsia BIG LogoThe Rewards: AirAsia has its own rewards program BIG. It’s a revenue based program for earning and redeeming points. Unfortunately, the earn and redeem rates are so low that it’s the least rewarding airline program I’ve ever participated in. While it’s worth signing up to get early access to their fare sales, it will require a lot of flights to earn a free flight, so you should read my full review to find out more!

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