Best time to visit Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The best time to visit the breathtaking temples of Angkor Wat near Siem Reap in Cambodia is in the dry season from November to March, with the least chance of it raining on your vacation. There are a few holidays in that period, so look out for very busy days with larger crowds and higher prices! … Continue reading

Finally hassle-free rides on Bali – tips to use uber on Bali!

The most likely source of annoyance to spoil your Bali vacation has been local transportation with taxi scams on every corner! Now, finally, uber has arrived improving personal transportation on the island and reducing the risk of getting scammed on your trip to or from your hotel! As they are new and understandably not very popular with the local taxi … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for TBEX Asia 2016 in Manila, Philippines

Welcome to TBEX Asia 2016 in Manila, Philippines! The Philippines are a great country to visit in South East Asia – and one of the most underrated. Here you won’t have to wonder, wether you should have come years ago – the best time to visit is now! I have lived in Manila for three years and travelled to more … Continue reading

How to use uber at Manila’s NAIA Airport

UBDATE 2018: uber no longer operates in Manila and has been replaced by grab – read how to use grab at Manila NAIA Airport instead! When you are arriving in a strange airport and have to deal with taxis, your trip can be off to a rough start, especially in developing countries, with frequent hassles, scams and annoyances. Uber is a … Continue reading