Tranquility in bustling Singapore – a place to getaway from the hectic city: Chinese Garden

Most visitors to Singapore will spend most of their time in high-rise hotels, high-rise office buildings or the gigantic malls and casinos, always surrounded by people and well aware that you are in a big and bustling Asian city. But you can get away from it all and find some tranquility in Singapore – just head to the Western End and visit the Chinese Garden, a beautifully designed and carefully maintained park that demonstrates how even the largest city can have spots of peacefulness, if well designed and managed!

SIN ChineseGarden - 5Like most places in Singapore, the Chinese Garden is easy to reach by train, just take the Green Line to Jurong East. It’s a short walk from the station, surrounded by housing estates, to the entrance of the park. Entrance is free and with more than 13ha you have a lot of space to walk around. SIN ChineseGarden - 7There are bridges and pagodas built in Imperial Chinese style that make for great photo opportunities. On a calm day, the pagodas and bridges are mirrored in the quiet lake, creating beautiful sights all around. You’ll also find zodiac statues and a bonsai garden on the grounds.

SIN ChineseGarden - 6I found the garden especially tranquil on weekdays, when I had it pretty much to myself. It can get busy during Chinese festivals, so check before you go! As anywhere in Singapore, it’s very hot, so bring some water for your walk.
SIN ChineseGarden - 8

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