Top 10 Affordable Countries for Surf Lessons

If you have always admired the photos of surfers and want to learn yourself, without spending a fortune, check out the list of countries where you can take the cheapest surf lessons! Ecuador tops the list at $22 per lesson and the Philippines is the cheapest place in South East Asia at $26. Nor surprisingly, the USA is second to last at $85 – the difference is enough for a hotel room in the Philippines!

If you are worried, I just made this up, rest assured some serious research went into this: analyzed data from 1,250 surf schools around the world to come up with the list. Here are the Top 10:

1. Ecuador       US$22
2. South Africa US$23
3. India             US$24
4. Argentina     US$25
5. Philippines   US$26
6. Peru             US$29
7. Jamaica       US$31
8. Chile            US$34
9. Ireland         US$37
10. Sri Lanka   US$38

Destinations known for their surf culture, like California, Hawaii or Australia (19th at $49) all are pretty expensive, so you might want to learn the ropes in a cheaper place. 
My new, favorite island in the Philippines, Siargao, is not only inexpensive, but also a wonderful place to visit with a great vibe and small crowds!
To my surprise, Bali didn’t make the list – it’s also a very inexpensive destination with great beaches and a surf school every few feet along the beach!

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