The next IHG Promotion – another winner?

If you have read my posts about the “Power of Promotions” here and here, you know that the last Intercontinental Hotels promotion “Into the Nights” earned me two free nights, despite some problems in the process and I considered a very good one. So, am I going for this quarter’s promotion “Set your Sights” and can it work for you?

Similar to the last few IHG promotions, the “Set your Sights” promotion is targeted, setting different objectives and awards for people, dependent on their stay history with IHG. While this can be very attractive to travelers who haven’t staid much at Intercontinental or Holiday Inn hotels, it often means very high or even unachievable goals for frequent guests of the chain. Ironically, the best customers might be getting the worst deal!

In my case the target looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.51.08 PMAs the last time, you can hit multiple objectives with the same hotel stay, but the problem in my case is that I have to either stay nine nights or complete the “Mini Vacation Package”. Now, that sounds a lot nicer than what it is. It’s basically IHG’s version of a timeshare – you buy a share in the club, giving you a number of points to use for a vacation in one of their properties. I consider timeshares one of the greatest evils in travel – from the pushy sales tactics to the terrible investment value, it’s an all-around terrible idea. I’ve done the math on these before and you are better of just investing your money in other real estate and staying at any hotel you like instead!

And a minimum of nine nights for a total bonus of less than 50,000 points is not very attractive to me, thanks for playing! I will focus on the Club Carlson promotion (reported here) instead!

But, the offer might be much more interesting for you, if you haven’t staid at an IHG hotel in a while. Check our your offer below and good luck:

IHG “Set your Sights” Promotion


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