The best Filipino food in Manila – Cafe Romulo, Makati

If you are visiting Manila and want Filipino food, there are plenty of options. My favorite Filipino restaurant in Manila is Cafe Romulo – it offers excellent food in great ambiance and with friendly service at reasonable prices, making it an all around winner.

I have gone frequently to Cafe Romulo over the 3 years I have lived in Manila and taken familiy and friends there as well, finding it to be consistently good! They are located in Makati, on the edge of the Bel Air Barangay. While space is limited in Makati, there is parking right out front. The restaurant is unassuming from the outside, but is beautifully designed inside. The interior is held in black and white tones, with some high back chairs and black & white photos of the namesake Mr Romulo, a former diplomat of the country. There is seating on two levels, that works for both romantic dinners and larger groups.

My parents at Romulo Cafe

My parents at Romulo Cafe

The service at Cafe Romulo sets it apart from other restaurants. It is not only very friendly (which you’ll find at many Manila restaurants), but also very well trained and professional. From food recommendations to knowledge of the wine list and from pacing of serving dishes to attention to service details, we have not once encountered a service issue that would have diminished our experience at Cafe Romulo!

The menu features a lot of Filipino classics. My personal favorites are the fresh pomelo salad as an appetizer, the crispy beef Tadyang (the best I’ve had anywhere), the Chicken & Pork Adobo and the juicy grilled chicken. We have had a number of other dishes, none of them ever disappointed. What also sets Cafe Romulo apart from other Filipino restaurants is the extensive wine list. We have found excellent wines to complement our wines at very reasonable prices – without the huge mark-ups you find in some places!

mnl-caferomulo-food-1So, while there is cheaper Filipino food in Manila, you will have a hard time finding a better dining experience of nice ambiance, great food and service, at reasonable prices in the city – give Cafe Romulo a try!

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