The best brunch in Manila – Spiral at the Sofitel

I usually avoid hotel restaurants and especially buffets, but there are some exceptions from that rule and Spiral restaurant at the Sofitel Manila is one of them: They offer an amazing brunch on weekends and it’s a great destination for a special occasion! So, if you are in Manila and want to celebrate or just pamper yourself a little, check out the Sunday brunch at Spiral – it’s the best brunch in Manila!

When you enter the Sofitel Plaza Manila, you can’t miss the massive spiral staircase leading to the restaurant of the same name.
MNL Spiral - 1It’s a vast dining space with different seating areas. Our favorite is the veranda, a bright space around the bar with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the pool and gardens towards the ocean. It’s beautiful, but can get warm in the hot Manila sun! There is plenty of space in the main dining area as well and, like in most high-end Manila restaurant, you can reserve private dining rooms as well. MNL Spiral - 2The hostess will guide you to your table and the service team will take over immediately, offering drinks and answer any questions about the food you might have. But the food is best discovered on your own: there are 21 food stations (Spiral calls them ateliers) that offer food from all over the world: From Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese to French and Italian. From salads, seafood, rotisserie chicken and steak to cheese, breads and sweets. There is so much to see and try, I recommend to explore all the options before you choose – or you end up being full before you have made it halfway through the options. I have been to Spiral several times and still discover new things on each visit. All of the food is expertly done, and I’m sure everybody can find their personal favorites. Two of my favorites that you won’t find in many places are the excellent L’epicerie – a giant cool room serving a mind boggling number of cheeses and meats. While charcuterie and cheese plates have made their way onto many hip restaurant menus, rarely will you find the choice and quality offered here. And then there are the chocolates!
MNL Spiral - 3Hm, chocolates! I admit, I’m a bit of a chocoholic and easily tempted, yet rarely do I enjoy them as much as at Spiral – the truffles are to die for and I’d happily make a meal out of them alone!
MNL Spiral - 5And it gets better – any brunch is made better by truffles – and by champagne! In addition to coffee, juice and any number of soft drinks, Spiral offers a long list of cocktails and wine, as well as free flowing champagne as an optional add-on to your brunch.
MNL Spiral - 4The food and drink is provided by an exceptionally well trained team of cooks and wait staff. Their attention and professionalism are the hallmark of the flagship restaurant at a luxury hotel. The friendliness is Filipino style brought to remarkable heights.

If a weekend brunch doesn’t work for your schedule, there are also excellent breakfast or dinner buffets available. All of this excellent food, drink and service comes at a price. There are frequent promotions, with breakfast starting at PHP1,600 pp (or $35) and brunch or dinner, including wine or champagne going well beyond $100pp. While those prices are steep for the Philippines, a similar high-end offer elsewhere in Asia, the US or Europe can easily be 50% higher or more!
So, if you are looking for an exceptional experience on a special occasion or want to make a gift to remember, the Spiral Brunch at the Sofitel Manila is an excellent choice! You can find a listing of all the food options as well as current promotions here!
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