Fantastic Foto Friday: Find Taiwan’s history in Tainan!

Tainan is the oldest city of Taiwan and was its capital for more than 2 centuries. From the early forts built by the Dutch East India Company to the rule by Chinese Koxinga and Qing Dynasty, Tainan has a turbulent history and there is a lot to see in the city today, making it a great destination for anybody who wants to learn more about Taiwan! And it’s only a short trip by HighSpeedRail from the modern capital Taipei!

Snapshot TigerAir Taiwan – the only low-cost airline in Taiwan!

TigerAir Taiwan is the first and now only low-cost carrier based in Taiwan. TigerAir offers all jet service to China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. I flew TigerAir on an international flight and wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again! Find out all about their fleet, destinations and service experience on the ground and onboard from my snapshot review! … Continue reading

China Airlines Dynasty Lounge Taipei

Off all my China Airlines experiences on my recent trip with them, the Dynasty Lounge at Taipei International Airport was by far the best. After a 13 hour flight in an uncomfortable seat (read more here), I had a 2 hour layover (thanks to an early arrival), giving my enough time to check out the lounge at their main hub. … Continue reading

Overview of China Airlines – a good value option to Asia!

China Airlines is the largest airline and the flag-carrier of Taiwan, not to be confused with Air China, the flag-carrier of mainland China. Even though they fly to Europe, the Americas and all over Asia, and are a member of the SkyTeam alliance, they are not very well known. Read on to find out more about them! China Airlines – … Continue reading