Sunday evening without the tourist crowds – Walking Street, Phuket Town, Thailand

All over Asia, markets are very popular. Some have developed from being a regular place of commerce where you can buy food and household goods to selling arts, crafts or tourist goods. And night markets have become hang-outs where you can buy street food in addition to any goods you won’t find in a regular market or mall. The market in Phuket I enjoyed the most is the Sunday Walking Street!

Phuket’s downtown area had lost most of its appeal on my first visit many years ago, with most of the new developments occurring in the beach towns focused on tourists or along the central highway in large-scale malls. But more recently, they have made an effort to improve the downtown area by renovating streets, sidewalks and houses and putting power lines underground, making it a much friendlier place. And now, they are closing one of the nicest streets in town for traffic on Sundays and are hosting a night market!
HKT PhuketTown - 1If you have never tried street food in Thailand, this is the place to do it! The market is very busy and it’s easy to spot a popular food stand! You can also be sure that the food is freshly prepared – it doesn’t last long with the constant demand. My favorite was a grilled chicken on a stick – it sounds simple enough, but it was perfectly grilled and with some spices I hadn’t tasted on chicken – so delicious, I went back for seconds. Beyond the tried & true favorites of Thai street food, you’ll also find some young entrepreneurs trying their hand at new products – we saw micro brewed beer and unusual flavors of ice cream among the offers.
HKT WalkingStreet1While you are enjoying tasty street food, you can also enjoy some live entertainment – from individual musicians to whole bands you can pick your favorite. It’s also a great time to just watch the crowds: From locals out on a date or in a group of friends to families many of the people living and working in Phuket are enjoying their day off. You’ll also see a few tourists, from backpackers to retirees and independent travelers checking it out. Luckily, word hasn’t spread too far, so the locals are still by far in the majority, making this one of the least “touristy” places to go on Phuket and a great way to spend your Sunday evening on the island!

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