Snapshot TigerAir Taiwan – the only low-cost airline in Taiwan!

TigerAir Taiwan is the first and now only low-cost carrier based in Taiwan. TigerAir offers all jet service to China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. I flew TigerAir on an international flight and wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again! Find out all about their fleet, destinations and service experience on the ground and onboard from my snapshot review!

Facts & Figures: TigerAir Taiwan was launched in 2014 in a partnership of local full-service airline China Airlines and the Singaporean parent of Tiger Airways and Scoot, hence the name TigerAir. China Airlines has since taken full ownership, but maintained the name.
Today, TigerAir Taiwan operates a fleet of 10 Airbus A320 single-aisle jets to 16 destinations, including Macau, China, Tokyo and Osaka in Japan and Bangkok, Thailand, from their hub in Taipei
Neither SkyTrax nor AirlineRatings have reviewed TigerAir Taiwan, but the airline has not had any safety incidents to date.

The Experience: TigerAir Taiwan was modeled after TigerAir Singapore and Australia and you’d hardly be able to tell the difference. You can book your tickets online and the process is transparent and easy to use. You can see fares for a whole week and compare different fare types, tigerlight, tigersmart (20kg checked bag, seat selection) and tigerpro (preferred seat selection, meals, change).

Each passenger is allowed one standard-size carry-on bag and a small personal item with a combined weight of 10kg, generous compared to other LCC in the region. Other services are purchased as add-ons, for example 15kg luggage at $25, a meal at $11 or seat assignments from $6-22. Those fees are slightly higher than other low-cost airlines in the region. You can’t purchase priority boarding or check-in, but there is a web booking fee of $7.

There is no online check-in, but service at the airport was quick and friendly. The boarding process was well organized and gate staff was equally friendly.
The Airbus A320 has a standard 3-3 layout. The seats are clad in black leather and have yellow head covers with the cat mascot on them.

The seat pitch is 29-30 inches, similar to other LCC and a tight fit for anybody as tool as me. The planes are new and well maintained and everything was in good working order.

The inflight crew was friendly and professional. You can purchase hot meals and snacks onboard, at prices slightly higher than when pre-ordering at the time of booking. Keep in mind that the food doesn’t look quite as delicious in the plastic containers as in the marketing photos!

There is a large selection of soft drinks, wine and beer, better than most budget airlines in Asia! Bottomline: TigerAir Taiwan is another low-cost airline in Asia, offering friendly service with new planes at low prices. Taiwan has passed the ICAO country audit, making it one of the safer bases for low-cost airlines in the region and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again, if they are serving a route I need to fly! I’m glad for any low-cost alternative increasing competition in the market!

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