Showers, library with piano, relaxation rooms with massage chairs – the Asiana Lounge Incheon is worth a visit!

Have a stop-over at Incheon airport in Seoul? It’s one of the best airports in the world and the Asiana Lounge is a great place to spend your time! On my trip from Manila to New York City, I had a long layover of six hours, giving me plenty of time to explore what the Asiana Lounge has to offer!

I was flying Asiana Airlines (see my reviews of the Regional Business Class and the Business Smartium Class) and had access to their Business Class lounge. Fortunately, you can also access it as a StarAlliance Gold member or as a PriorityPass holder!
I arrived early and fortunately the Business Class lounge in the main terminal near gate 28 on the 4th floor opens at 5:00am. I had it pretty much to myself at that time of day and the lounge never got crowded during my visit. The lounge is very large and split into several different spaces over two levels, so people can spread out.
My first stop was the shower room to freshen up after my red-eye flight. You have access to a full shower suite, similar to a large hotel bathroom. It’s held in beige/brown marble and looks very upscale, but is pretty small. The shower is separated with a partial glass wall and due to the small room, you have to watch out to keep your luggage and clothes dry! Asiana Lounge ICN - 1There are plenty of bathroom amenities provided in large, branded bottles as well as clean towels and tissue. The sink is small with little room for your toiletries. Asiana Lounge ICN - 3This being Korea, the toilet has a bidet seat, which is a nice feature, and fortunately, easy to use, so you won’t need to read a manual! Overall, the shower suite is nicely done and I like the bidet-toilet. I’d wish for a larger room to make it a little more comfortable.

Asiana Lounge ICN - 2After the shower, I took a tour of the lounge, which is quite some exercise given the size of it! Downstairs, near the showers, is a cafeteria with bistro-style seating and a long buffet with food and drink. They were still setting up and there were only some breads and snacks available. Later, Asian hot dishes were available as well.

Upstairs, near the entrance, are storage lockers available for your luggage – a great option if you don’t want to drag  your carry-on around while having food or relaxing. If you are planning to work, there are a number of workstations available with decent privacy. Asiana Lounge ICN - 4There is another large bar and buffet with soft drinks, hot drinks and alcoholic beverages. Food was still being set up here as well and choice was limited. Asiana Lounge ICN - 6There are several different seating areas, one with the feel of a restaurant with comfortable chairs and tables; one with the feeling of a library with comfortable chairs and a piano. I’d love to hear somebody play – that certainly is a nice way to relax between flights!

Asiana Lounge ICN - 7My favorite part of the lounge was a row of small relaxation rooms with massage chairs. The rooms are pretty private and quiet. The massage chairs are programmable and worked really well. I have seen those massage chairs at the ANA Lounge in Tokyo as well and I wish more lounges would offer them! While they are not as nice as a personal massage at the Royal Orchid Spa at Thai Airways’ Bangkok lounge, they are the next best thing!

Asiana Lounge ICN - 9Overall, I really enjoyed the Asiana Business Class lounge – from the shower to the massage chairs and library setting, it creates a very relaxing and refreshing environment for even a longer layover. It’s comparable to the ANA or Singapore Airlines lounges and much nicer than United lounges. It helps to make Seoul’s Incheon airport an attractive transfer point! Or if you are departing Seoul, feel free to arrive early and enjoy the lounge prior to your flight – it’s worth a visit!

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