Seeing the world, one day at a time: Perfect Day – Posts

Starting with todays’ post “Perfect Day – Helsinki” I will regularly feature my recommendations how to best explore a destination in only one day. Only one day? – that’s hardly enough to see a place! You are right, it isn’t. But sometimes, it’s all the time you have and I want you to make the most out of that one day! 

Just in case you are cringing when reading this –  I do recommend that you spend more time exploring a city or pretty much any destination worth traveling to. I always cringe when I see a horde of 50 tourists, following a screaming tour guide with a red pompom on a stick, rushing past the most beautiful sights in the world with no time to truly appreciate them! Many places grow on you if you relax and spend some extra time in them! So, I hope that my regular destination posts inspire you to plan your trips with lots of time at your destination to learn about them.

For all the situations you just don’t have the time, I’m writing my “Perfect Day” posts. I spent many years traveling on business. And on the rush from airport to hotel to client, I often barely saw the city I was in: It’s Tuesday? – It must be New York! But whenever I had a chance, I’d take a few hours to walk around or tack a weekend day onto my business trip to see more of the city that was hosting me. Whenever I did, I was trying to see what really makes these cities special – not necessarily try to see everything there is or all the TOP 10 listed in a guide book. Rather, I’d try to figure out what these places have to offer that make them stand out and why locals and visitors love them, and why I should come back in the future – or not! And that’s what you’ll find in the “Perfect Day” – a way to spend a day in a city, trying to capture its essence that will make you put it onto your “have-to-go-back-to-see-more” list! I hope they will help you to make the most out of your short time at a new place!

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