Review of Cebu Pacific’s GetGo rewards program!

Cebu Pacific has their own rewards program, called GetGo. Over the last two years since its launch, they have made a number of changes, making it a more robust program with a growing number of partners, earning and redemption options. Find out what you can get from this progrma in my detailed review of Cebu Pacific’s GetGo rewards program!

Reach – how far will it take me?
Cebu Pacific is flying to 63 destinations in 19 countries, most of them in Asia. With a growing number of long-haul planes, they are now also serving the Middle East, Sydney and Guam. THey have received authorization to fly to the other US destinations, with Honolulu being a good candidate! Cebu Pacific doesn’t have any airline partners, so there is no chance to go elsewhere. Check out all the Cebu Pacific Facts & Figures!

Earning – what do I have to do to earn points?
GetGo is a revenue based program, similar to Air Asia Big or United MileagePlus. You earn 1 point for every 5PHP (or approx. 9 points per USD). You earn points for the base fare and add-ons like luggage, meals and seat selection.
Cebu Pacific tightened their earning rules this year and no longer allows you to claim credit after the flight. You have to enter your GetGo number at the time of booking or at check-in – or you will not earn any points at all – read the details in my report here!
You can now also earn points through online shopping in partnership with Lazada at a rate of 1 point for 10PHP of shopping.
Over the last two years, Cebu Pacific has developed partnerships with every major bank in the Philippines and offers a wide selection of credit cards and even a debit card to earn points in GetGo at various rates. Read my detailed review of the best credit cards to earn GetGo Points!
Other partners include a small list of hotels and merchants, as well as the hotel booking sites Agoda and Kaligo!

CebuPac Eco InteriorRedeeming – what do I get for my points?
Cebu Pacific has been very coy about stating a redemption value for your points, so I did an in-depth analysis of available flights and point prices! I looked at a number of domestic and international flights on different routes over the next few months. Based on that analysis, the basic value of each point is 30 centavos (or 0.7 US cents). There were a few (popular) routes where the value was slightly less, down to 26 centavos. Combining the earnings and redemption rates, participation in the GetGo program offers you a 6% discount on your fares – that is comparable to the Delta SkyMiles program and slightly less than United’s MileagePlus program.
Because this is a pure revenue based redemption, there are no blackout dates or flights – any available seat, as well as add-ons, taxes and fees can be paid for with points! That makes it much more attractive than most programs where seat availability is usually very limited and you still have to pay taxes and fees, which can run into hundreds of dollars, if fuel charges are included!
CebuPacific has also started some GetGo promotional sales, that are similar to their popular “Piso” fares, where a ticket can sell for as little as 1Peso (2 cents) plus taxes and fees. I was able to book award flights to Taipei and Sydney for only 50 points each way – that’s incredible value as the one-way tickets in cash were about $50 for Manila – Taipei and $120 for Manila – Sydney at the time of the promotion!
One of the challenges is that reward bookings can not be managed online – I’m not able to add a meal, select a seat or add luggage to either of my reward reservations, forcing me to go to an office to do so. Given how much Cebu Pacific is pushing their web site and app to engage customers, that is disappointing!

Status – what perks will I get?
The GetGo program doesn’t have any status or elite levels – so, no perks for you! Given the relentless focus of Cebu Pacific on low fares, that doesn’t really come as a surprise. The only thing you get is early access to the seat sales and promotions, which is helpful to beat the crowds in snatching the super-low promo fares, both for cash and point sales!

What else is there? Interestingly, GetGo adds two innovative features: Circles and Share. You can create a “Circle” with up to 7 other members and pool your points into one balance to be redeemed by the “head” of the circle or any nominated member. If you travel as a group, you are able to redeem for a free ticket quicker. You can also great a “Share” group of up to seven people to give your points to. If you are a member of a “Circle”, you can share the “Circle” balance with somebody you nominate, but a “Share” nominee cannot access your points or the “Circle” balance.
You can sign up for GetGo here!

Who should join GetGo? Anybody who is planning to spend at least PHP2,500 – that’s your break even for the membership fee of PHP150 and you win from then on. As you can also redeem cash & points (which didn’t work online, when I tested it – you have to call), you can use your points as soon as you want. If you fly them regularly, you should absolutely join, there is no downside, only upside. Consider the GetGo program a way to get the low, low fares of Cebu Pacific for even less – and that’s always a good thing!


Review of Cebu Pacific’s GetGo rewards program! — 92 Comments

  1. I use cebu pacific a lot and found a lot of my flights were turned down with other errors not classified when it tried to add my flights points to the GETGO program
    We are setting up a big branch in manila with over 500 staff, unless they sort this out we will be using other carriers
    I was the test dummy for 4 different carriers looking at on time departure arrival service and cost
    They have scored lowest even compared to Philippines Airlines which was surprising

    • I agree, there seem to be still a lot of issues with their IT systems for the program. Whenever points didn’t post correctly, I send them a request via the web site and the points were added to my account quickly and without issues. Not convenient, but at least you get credit. I hope it’ll improve over time…
      I’ve lived in Manila for over 2 years and found their fares consistently lower than PAL, especially if you have the flexibility to take advantage of their sales (which are almost weekly!). Their on-time record is not great, but keep in mind that a lot of delays are due to the congestion at Manila’s NAIA airport. PAL, AirAsia and even very good international carriers with generally good on-time records have issues in Manila…
      Feel free to contact me with other questions you might have, happy to share local experiences…

  2. Still don’t know how to redeem my getgo points.
    Could you please send me a detailed steps in redeeming my free flights

    • Hi Dennis,
      Happy to help:
      1. go to Cebu GetGo Home Page (click here) and login with your email and password
      2. Click on the menu MyPoints>Redeem (or here)
      This will take you to the Cebu Pacific booking screen, with the GetGo logo in the upper left corner and your “Personal Ballance” of points.
      3. No book as usual by entering your “From” and “To” cities and dates of travel. Instead of the price in Pesos, it will show the price in points!
      4. Complete the booking as usual and pay with your points from your account!
      5. Enjoy flight!
      Hope that helps,

  3. I just would like to ask if I could use my getgo number if I buy tickets for my family, to earn points. Im anew member and whenever me and my family go out if town, Im usually the one who is incharge of the since I have just registered, I was wondering if I could apply my getgo card to my family members so that I could earn bigger points. Thank you

    • Your family members need their own membership cards, one per person.
      But you can all join a “circle” and share the points you earn – none get lost and you earn a free flight sooner!
      Find out more here:
      safe travels,

  4. Hi! I would just like to ask if you were able to cover the taxes and other fees using GetGo points? I tried redeeming a flight, however there were additional payments for the taxes and other fees. I couldn’t find the option wherein I can use my points to cover such costs. Thank you! Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, according to the FAQ, you are able to pay for your taxes and fees. I have never done that. It should be an option on the payment page… sorry, I don’t have a screen shot…

  5. How much points do we need to avail the free flight, right now im in Singapore and I am a regular cebupac customer I flight 2 to 3 times a year. I just want to know even if it is not specific or maybe stimated point can avail the free flight.


    • The points are calculated based on the current price in pesos, so the cheaper the cash fare, the fewer points you need. I looked at promo fares in April and one-way flights start at around 8,000 points (or 3,088PHP) plus taxes and fees!
      Same as when paying with cash, you should wait for a promotional fare to book to get the best deal and make the most out of your points! Look for the Cebu Pacific or GetGo promotional emails to find a good deal!

  6. I have joined the program about 2 years ago. I applied and paid but until now i have not gotten my membership packet and card.
    I tried reaching out to their customer service and i have been going in circles without success.
    Be careful…Don’t make the same mistake i did.

    • Yes, there seems to be a problem with sending out the membership cards – I haven’t received mine either. But you can earn and redeem points without the card, it’s all done electronically.

    • Each person has to have their own membership to earn and redeem points, but you can create a group to earn and redeem points together.

  7. Hi! When can I see the points that I’ve earned? Is it after paying for the booking or after the travel? Also, how can I redeem the 10 points sale that they’re currently promoting for members who purchased the pisofare? Thanks!

    • Your points will be posted after you travel. To redeem points in the piso sale, log into the getgo site and go to “redeem” – you can book a flight with points, just like when paying for it in cash/card. You can use your points for add-ons like luggage or meal, but not for taxes and fees.

  8. Firstly I think that it’s poor that there is no clear information about exactly what possible flights your points will translate into. I did find it once but haven’t been able to this time, so it’s not easily accessible. I tried to redeem my accumulated points for the first time to take advantage of a ten point promo but there were repeated errors on the website. I contacted customer service immediately and the next day, and the next because it took them three days to reply by which time it was too late for me to take advantage of the promo. I was told that there had been problems because of the big response to the promo, and I was advised to just change my password, which worked, but too late for the promo! It’s just not good enough. They really need to improve their IT systems to match demand.

    • I agree that the poor web site performance during the sale is not acceptable – I sent a tweet to Cebu Pacific. They have sales regularly, should expect the number of visitors and prepare their web site accordingly. It’s not rocket science!
      They do not provide information on what flights you can get for your points – that’s a problem with any revenue-based redemption program like GetGo. The number of points you need depends on the current price of the ticket, so sometimes you can get a flight to Kuala Lumpur for 10 points (like during the sale) and sometimes you need a few thousand…
      AirAsia introduced a “fixed point” option a few years back – maybe Cebu Pacific will do the same in the future!

  9. I apply for a getgo card since last year around july 2015, and until now May 2016, I haven’t received my card. I already paid the 150 fee. and I always follow up for my card, because I am goin to use it, but the kept on tellin me just to wait.. damn Getgo.

    • sorry, you are having that problem. I’m in the same situation and haven’t received my card – not sure why it is so difficult. I still continue to earn and redeem points. Just print out the number from their web site and take it with you…

  10. I want to redeem my points but it does not take me to the page it says the agent is locked please help

    • Point redemption is working for me right now, so it might be temporary or your browser. Try to redeem from another phone, tablet or computer or to clear the browser history/cache. If that doesn’t work, please contact GetGo for help HERE

  11. I have more than 1 million points on in my Cebu pacific Visa card . How many get go points that would be 1.200,000 points to be exact

    • There are multiple Cebu Pacific cards out there. If you have the Citibank Cebu Pacific card, your CEB points convert at a ratio of 50:1 to GetGo points, so you would have 24,000 GetGo points, worth roughly PHP7,200 (depending on the flight you are selecting).

    • The number of points needed depends on the cash price – you can see it by going to the GetGo Site and look for My Points -> Redeem or click here. Search for a flight as usual and it will show the number of points needed instead of the price in Pesos!

    • 1. Set up an account for your son.
      2. Add your son to your “sharing circle” – you can combine all the points in your “circle” (your family, friends) and use the points for a free ticket for any of them. Go to “Sharing Circle” by clicking here

  12. The conversion rate is too low pala talaga….Kala ko naman pag may 8000 points na pwede na mag Japan on a regular fare. Yun pala isasabay din pala sa regular sale para maximize yung points. Anyway, at least meron pa ring promo na ganito..need lang din maging matiyaga sa paghintay ng sale…happy travels!

  13. Good day! ask ko lang kasi naka received ako ng Getgo card promo bigay lang ng taga Cebupac then I want to activate the card but when I fill up the information I don’t know the Promo code and Referred Membership Number. Ano po ba dapat ilagay?Thanks

    • Sorry, you will have to contact CebuPacific’s GetGo support by email or phone to resolve it, not sure what the problem is!

  14. Hi there i was just wondering how long would the points earned via cebupac flights would be valid? I mean when would the points expire?

    • GetGo points don’t expire as long as you earn points once a year by flying on Cebu Pacific, earning points with or transferring points from partners. If you don’t have any earn activity for 12 months, your account becomes inactive and you loose all points in the account.
      Using a Cebu Pacific affiliated credit card or booking a hotel through (and crediting the points to Cebu Pacific) can keep your points valid!

  15. 1 week ago I transferred my CEB points to Getgo points.
    It was converted to 8500getgo points according to the email sent by CItibank.
    but until now, my points is still 0 point
    still not yet reflected.
    I need my getgo points for my booking on May this year.
    How can it be possible?

    • Please contact GetGo customer service with the Citibank confirmation of transfer – they should be able to fix it in time for your travel!

  16. Hi,

    I just want to asked in redeeming a get go points with more than one passengers. Is this applicable? or it is only the member can claim the free points and not the whole amount if traveling in groups. Please advise.

    • You can use points from multiple people and for multiple people by setting up a “Circle” with GetGo on the website. By linking the accounts of friends or family, you can pool the points!

  17. Hi!

    I have booked a flight last month and I wasn’t able to enter the Getgo ID upon booking. How do I earn the points for that flight scheduled to depart on April?


    • Ask the CebuPac staff at the airport at check-in counters to add the number to your booking, that should work.

      • Thanks.
        We did consult the staff assigned at the getgo desk on the day of our departure if we can still get the points for our flight. Unfortunately, the only way you can get the point is if you enter the getgo number upon booking. That’s the content of her response. So, if you forgot to include it upon booking, you can no longer claim the corresponding points, even if you try to add it prior to the departure.

      • Thanks for letting me know – that is a very disappointing change to the program. I will update my review accordingly.
        Did you try to claim the points online at this link? The retroactive claim form is still available!
        Please let me know, if your online claim is not successful!

    • The Unionbank GetGo credit card has a great earn ratio of 1 point per 30PHP (same as the Citibank PremierMiles), but some additional benefits like priority boarding on Cebu Pacifc. The automatic transfer makes it easier to use and if you fly only/mostly Cebu Pacific, it’s a good card.
      The Citi PremierMiles is more flexible, allowing you to transfer points to Thai Airways,PAL or others, making it a better choice if you want to fly different airlines!
      Thanks for the comment – I will post a detailed review of the Union Bank debit and credit cards soon, as well as a comparison of all available credit cards that earn GetGo points, similar to the one I did for Philippine Airlines credit cards here!

  18. I tried to redeemed some of my Get Go points for my bookings with Cebu Pacific. They are all rejected even if flights are confirmed. Get Go application is a waste of time and effort for me.

    • Sorry it didn’t work for you. Once I logged into my account and searched for flights, I was able to redeem points for any flights that were available and for which I had enough points. Did you contact Cebu Pacific support?

  19. Tried to register, I was asked to key in home phone number. Since I don’t have (normally sa province hindi uso ang landline), I tried keying in my mobile number as my home phone number, but the system won’t allow it, lageng nagpoprompt yung ‘enter home phone number’. Anong magagawa ko eh wala nga kaming home phone. Grabe naman.

    • I used my mobile phone and it worked for me. Sorry it doesn’t work for you – please contact Cebu Pacific support…

  20. I booked two flights, 1 in south korea dated feb 18,2017 and the other is in tokyo japan dated june 15, 2017.i even added luggage. But the points have didnt change. It remained thesame as if i didnt book any flight. I clicked the icon “my points” in the official website of getgo but the “missing points ” is not included in the choices. Even my getgo card hasn’t delivered yet. I registered and paid it last march 2, 2017. I sent feedback several times in the abovementioned site but i received NO REPLY AT ALL. Please help me with these matters. Thanks!

    • CebuPac has eliminated the online option, so you’d have to call the call center to claim your points. Going forward, it’s important that you enter your number when booking to get your points.

  21. I have flights in cebu pacific for the last 6 mos that wasn’t paid thru getgo because I havent got one at that time. Will I still be able to redeem those? I have read that you can, however i dont have the missing points option in my getgo page.

    • Unfortunately, CebuPacific no longer offers the option to claim credits after the fact, unless it is a system error. You have to enter your GetGo number at the time of booking or check-in or will not receive points. I wrote about it earlier this year here!

  22. Hi, last month I redeemed my points for a trip. After that activity, i could not add my new missing points anymore. Why is that ?

    • CebuPacific, unfortunately, no longer allows to claim credit for flights, if the GetGo number wasn’t added at the time of booking or checkin! I wrote about it here!

  23. Hi! I just enrolled my family member to GetGo. Based from the previous comments to some individuals who has not yet received membership cards, how are we going to claim points on other partners like robinsons, if they need the physical card?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I never received my membership card and printed out the part of the GetGo website with my membership number. While I have never used it at a store myself, you can try to give the printed number to the clerk to type in manually.

    • Go to, log into your account (top right corner), go to “Manage Booking”. At the bottom of the page, you can add your booking with the booking reference number!

  24. Hello. I got my card free while waiting for my flight back in May 2017. It was the agent who entered my info and activated my card. The problem was that (when I later checked online) most of the data she encoded were incorrect (eg. Citizenship, phone number, city, etc.) and even the title (Mr. instead of Ms.) Haha! Would this cause a problem in processing redemption or transfer of points? Are they very strict with these information? Thanks for answering…and thanks for your article/review. Really helpful 🙂

    • That shouldn’t be a problem, as long as the account number in your flight booking is correct. You can always change the details later.

  25. I have beeb booking in desktop then in laptop then in iphone using several credit cards but each time it say “please check if you have entered the correct fields….” even if every entry was correct.”
    It is so disgusting because prices have been increasing and it has already used up my time and that of my staff and most of all, I am afraid that each of these bookings might be credited and will charge me.”:-(

    • Sorry to hear you are having problems with booking.
      Unless you have received a confirmation for your booking, it’s unlikely that you will be charged. Check with your bank to be sure.
      Try to make a booking with your browser in “privacy/incognito” mode and clear your history – this could be a browser problem… If that doesn’t work, I suggest to call to make a booking.

    • You are right, I haven’t seen a Piso sale for GetGo in a while. I have received a few sales for GetGo that offer 15-20% off – make sure to sign up for their promo emails, so you can get into these sales quickly!

    • The general fare rules apply to award tickets. After the calculation of cancellation fees, you would only receive a travel fund for future bookings, but no points back. Given how cheap tickets and how high change fees at Cebu Pacific usually are, you probably won’t see much back…

  26. Hi. I have received an email last nov that my getgo account will be inactive. But there is no specif date indicated. When i checked my account last night and this morning. My points still there. I was about to purchase at lazada this morning to earn a get go point so my account will still be active and my points will not be forfeited. But when i check again my account, my points is gone. May i request for a consideration please since there is no specific date provided on the for me to know when is my account will be activated? Kindly help please.

  27. Hello there I had to inform you my new email address I will be flying from Manila to Cagayan de Oro by second week of February and I am searching for flights very soon. I am a getgo member. Thank you

    • Cebu Pacific has good availability for point redemptions – right now, for example you could book a round-trip flight to Caticlan (Boracay) and many other domestic destinations for 9,000 points with many flights available.
      But 9,000 flights is not much for international flights – you’ll have to look for GetGo promotions to find the best deals!

  28. Just to inform you that you have a PHP glitch on you site.
    Probably an upgrade problem. The text says:

    Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /homepages/30/d499661401/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyCMS2/wp-includes/kses.php on line 893

    A blogging bro from over there.

  29. GETGO IS PAIN IN THE ASS. Tried booking my flight using my points but FAILED. their customer service sucks. They will always reply “reset your password”. Done it many times, still booking is failed. I think this is a scam. They just want me to book and pay the regular fare.

    • Sorry you are having trouble with booking an award ticket, the CebuPac website can be challenging…
      I have booked a few tickets with points, one just recently, without issues, so I wouldn’t call it a scam…
      My standard recommendations for this kind of issue are to try a different computer or device, a different browser, deleting history and cookies or the “privacy” mode of your browser. Sometimes, that’s enough for the transaction to go through.
      Unfortunately beyond that, there is very little you can do, other than trying again or calling support. Good luck, hope it works out for you!

  30. I’m flying 3 times a year since 2012 using your airlines but started only last Dec as a get go member. Upon checking my points it showed no transaction was made. I’m booking again another flight for May but everytime I log in as a get go member I was locked of my account due to multiple attempts when I only logged in once so I have to do the reset password and voila, log in success! But after a min of trying I could’nt log in anymore due to wrong password AGAIN. I want to believe now that this is a scam. If you need a new IT let me know as I could recommend a better one.

    • Hi Maria, sorry you are having problems with your account. If “reset password” doesn’t work, please contact Cebu Pacific customer service! Save travels!

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