Review: Lipault 22in wheeled carry-on – elegant & lightweight

In a world of practical, yet ugly carry-ons, the Lipault 22inch wheeled carry-on stands out as a practical and elegant luggage. It’s soft Nylon material has a nice sheen that looks good at a 5-star hotel and it also makes it one of the lightest wheeled carry-ons on the market, so you can pass the weight limits of a low-cost carrier! It’s foldable and won’t take up a lot of space at home. If you want one carry-on that can go on a weekend trip or a business trip, the Lipault carry-on is a great choice!

Luggage Facts: The Lipault 22inch carry-on with two wheels has measurements of 55x37x22cm (22x15x9in) including wheels and handles which pushes the boundaries of carry-ons, but due to the soft materials won’t have issues fitting into a luggage sizer. More importantly, with a weight of only 2.2kg (4.9lbs) it’s one of the lightest wheeled carry-on luggages on the market, giving you more room for you clothes when fighting the tight restrictions. Many popular carry-ons weigh twice that, which doesn’t leave you much room for clothes at a time when most airlines have limits for carry-on at 7-8kg!
WIth an interior volume of 40l, the Lipault has enough space for a week’s worth of clothes. It’s list price is EUR175/$199, but it’s frequently available on sale – I purchased mine for $149.

Design & Features: The Lipault 22in carry-on has a hard back plate and a hard, foldable bottom plate for stability and the front and sides are made of soft nylon for flexibility. It’s available in different colors, including unusual chocolate-brown or purple! The bag is foldable and comes with a hard plastic cover, so you can easily store it under the bed. This version has two wheels and a retractable aluminum handle. It has one handle on the top and one of the side to lift it. While you can slide a laptop bag over the two bars of the pulling handle, it doesn’t sit well due to the soft material of the bag. It works better when the carry-on is full!

The interior has one large compartment with two interior compression straps to help pack your clothes. The interior lining is dark, which looks good, but is not as practical as a lighter color when you are trying to find something in a dark room! You have a large front pocket on the outside lid.


Materials & Quality: The 420 denier nylon is strong, waterproof and has a nice sheen, which makes it look pretty elegant. While many bags quickly get scratches and spots, the Lipault has held up well and still looks good after many trips. I would hesitate to check this bag though – it is more likely to take damage than hard cases when exposed to the abuses of checked luggage.
The soft handles on the side and back are strong enough to lift even a full bag and the seams and zippers are of very good quality with no deterioration after years of use. I did notice that the plastic pulleys did break after a few years in tropical climates – it’s something I have observed with plastics of any manufacturer in this climate and not unique to Lipault.

What can you bring? The Lipault maximizes the size of a carry-on and allocates all that space to the main compartment, giving you plenty of room for your clothes. I was able to pack 3 pairs of pants, 2 pair of shorts, 1 jacket, 19 shirts (2 long buttoned, 3 short buttoned, 7 polo shirts, 7 T-shirts), 15 pairs of socks & underwear, a pair of sandals/sneakers, a 1-quart toiletry bag, and assorted personal items into the bag – and there was still room left.
Check out the photos below to see how it works: For a business trip, I place the jacket/suit on the bottom of the luggage and the lid. I then place the (dress) pants on top, with the legs extending over the rim of the luggage. I stack the shirts, undies, socks and other items on top. At the end, I’ll fold the pants and jacket around the stack of clothes. This avoids wrinkles in the pants and jacket, so you are ready for your business meeting without having to iron at the hotel! See below, how to do it! If you doubt that you’ll be able to fit two weeks worth of clothes into a carry-on, check out my post Top 10 Tips to Pack Light

With that amount of clothes, the luggage will likely weigh 8-10kg. If you have tighter weight limits on your flight, you’ll have to adjust accordingly!

Bottomline: The Lipault 22in wheeled carry-on is a great allrounder luggage. It’s foldable to be easily stored at home, it’s lightweight to pass as carry-on on most airlines and it’s elegant enough to be at home in First Class or at a 5-star hotel! The price is reasonable considering the design and quality of materials and I consider it good value! If you prefer a 4-wheel spinner, that option is available, too. If you only want one wheeled bag for leisure and business trips that won’t weigh you down, the Lipault 22in carry-on is a great choice!

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