Review: Koku – Great Sushi in Makati, Philppines

Some restaurants have a wow effect and some just win you over with great food and service over time. Koku, a Japanese restaurant in Salcedo Village in Manila’s financial district of Makati is the latter: We found ourselves going back over and over, so it’s long overdue that I write a review, so you can add it to your list of places to eat in Manila, Philippines!

Koku is located in (yet another) mall in Makati, at Two Central on Valero Street. It’s in the heart of the financial district with countless high-rise office and residential buildings all around. Koku is on the outside, facing the street and looks unassuming. The interior utilizes ligh-wood and bright colors for a friendly, modern look. There are a few booths (our favorite) as well as flexible table seating for small and large parties. If you are planning a private event, part of the restaurant can be closed of with movable walls!

The menu offers a variety of Japanese cold and hot dishes and over time, the sushi has become our favorite & go-to food whenever we visit Koku. There is a large selection of traditional sashimi and ngiri sushi, as well as rolls. You’ll find traditional rolls like a Tuna Maki as well as US favorites, like a salmon & cream cheese sushi. 

Don’t be afraid to try some of the more unusual ones, like their Spicy Tuna Maki roll which look unusual but tastes great!

Service at Koku is friendly, attentive and quick. We always have our menu in hand within seconds, orders are taken as soon as you are ready and the sushi is served order-by-order in a good pace, making that a practical choice for weekday dinner!

If you need help finding Koku – check out my Manila Guide Map below (click on the corner for full-screen).

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