Review Kayu Lembongan Cafe – Best date restaurant on Lembongan, Indonesia

The Kayu Lembongan is one of the nicest cafes and restaurants on Lembongan. It has a beautiful garden setting, great decor, very good food and friendly service – what more can you ask for on Bali’s little sister island? Among the many basic restaurants on the island’s restaurant row, this is the stand-out spot and perfect for a date night out!

Most of the restaurants on Lembongan are lined up along the main road, with open air seating facing the road with its buzzing motorcycles. I noticed Kayu Lembongan because it is separated fom the road with a wall. It’s open air seating is under a local-style roof, overlooking the nicely landscaped garden. Stylish chairs with big pillows and elegant lanterns I’d be happy to take home create an ambiance that’s far ahead of the basic wooden chairs and tables you’ll find everywhere else on the island. 

The staff is friendly and attentive and brought me the menu quickly. It’s short and sweet, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options for all-day dining. I settled on a burger that received good reviews online – and rightly so. It was the best beef pattie I’ve found on a burger on Bali & surrounds. The jalapenos gave it a bit of a kick and the bun, fries and sauce were all of much better quality than you’ll find elsewhere. 

The owner stopped by after my meal for a chat and it’s always great to see managers and owners to be personally invested in the business – it shows in the quality of the experience!

Lembongan is a simple island without the fine dining choices of the bigger Bali island. But Kayu Lembongan gives you a nice choice of dining in a calm and beautiful setting with high quality food and service. If you are looking for a nice evening out on Lembongan, add the Kayu Lembongan to your list!

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