Relaxing Massage at a bargain price in Makati – Touch and Heal!

If you are staying in Makati during your visit to Manila and are looking for a relaxing massage for a bargain price, you should put Touch & Heal at the top of your list! For less than $10, you get a 1h aromatherapy massage and they have plenty of other treatments for similarly good prices. Touch & Heal has three locations in Salcedo and Legazpi villages, the heart of Makati. One of them was at next door to our first apartment in Manila and we became regulars!

Touch & Heal is one of the typical, simple massage shops you find allover Manila, but it offers a number of nice touches (pun intended) to set itself apart. When you enter, you will find tastefully decorated and spotlessly clean facilities. In the lobby, you can arrange your treatment and change into provided slippers, before being brought to the main treatment room. You will notice the nice scent throughout the rooms, starting your relaxation right then. Your next stop is a comfy lounger to receive a foot bath, with smooth rocks at the bottom of the bowl to gently massage the soles of your feet. While all the foot massages (as it is common) are done in a common room, the spaces for body massages are separated by curtains, making them somewhat private. You are led to your space, given shorts to change into and can rest on the comfortable, professional massage table with fresh and clean sheets. During your massage, a bowl of nice smelling, hot water is placed below your face, you can select the aromatherapy oil of your choice and calm music is playing throughout. Halfway through the massage, heated packs will be put on your back and later below your neck to further your relaxation. I never had a bad massage here, they all ranged between good and very good! Touch & Heal has their own training, ensuring consitently good outcomes. While they will all ask whether their pressure is ok at the beginning of the massage, I’d recommend to ask for a therapist that best matches your needs before you start, as some are better with soft, others better with firm massages!

I have had a lot of massages all over South East Asia and really appreciate all the little things that make Touch & Heal a cut above: the clean sheets, quality oils and scents used, the heat packs and foot baths are all something you will typically find in spas changing 50-100% more for a similar service. I still go regularly, even though we don’t live close by anymore. Even better, if you are staying for a longer time, you can ask for their loyalty card and you will get 1 free service for every 5 paid – that’s another 20% off from already low prices! So, if you need a little break from a tough day without breaking the bank, head to Touch & Heal for a little relaxation!



Relaxing Massage at a bargain price in Makati – Touch and Heal! — 2 Comments

  1. As a US traveler used to US prices, the pricing at this spa are mind blowing. It is not the same experience you would receive in a US spa but that’s not to say it is not worth it. For approximately $10 USD, you can receive a 1 hour massage that is soothing and relaxing. Don’t expect much therapeutic work if you have specific knots or tension to work out. They are trained to perform specific techniques and follow a fairly specific routine. They do not have the same training as a US massage therapist who can customize a massage to fit your need. However, for the price, it’s hard to beat.

    During the week that I stayed at the apartments above, I went almost every night and was able to walk in (often around 10p or 11p) and able to get in. I never had a bad experience. Highly recommend….

    • Glad you liked the massage. You are right, they do follow their routine. It’s difficult to direct them to focus on specific areas. I’ve only had a few times that a therapist would zero in on a problem area on their own. I feel like you though – at less than $10, it’s hard to beat and I sleep really well afterwards!

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