Radisson Rewards Deal: Buy Points with 100% Bonus!

Radisson Rewards, the loyalty program of Radisson Hotels, is currently offering a 100% bonus when purchasing reward points, allowing you to top of your reward account and book free hotel stays! If you are not quite ready to book one of the many hotel deals during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness, buying points at a discount to book your hotel stay at a later time is one way to take advantage of these deals!

Radisson Hotels is very strong in Europe, sometimes offering the best (and only) chain hotel in Northern or Eastern Europe. While the Radisson Rewards program has been devalued a lot over the last few years, I was able to get some great deals through it, like at the Park Inn Bratislava! You can book award stays for as little as 9,000 points/night (worth $27) and rewards top out at a maximum of 70,000 points/night (worth $210), giving you a cap on prices in expensive European cities like London, Paris, Copenhagen or Stockholm!

Park Inn Bratislava – Danube Wellness & Spa

The current sale runs until November 27, 2018 and allows you to purchase 1,000 – 40,000 points with a bonus of 100%. The maximum of 40,000 points +40,000 bonus points will cost $280, or a price of 0.35 cents/point. While that is higher than my evaluation of 0.3 cents/point, it can still be a good deal if you are short of points or if you are planning a trip to an expensive European city soon, as it caps your expense at $245/night. A 100% bonus is the best bonus I’ve ever seen from Radisson Rewards, so waiting is not likely to get you a better deal. You can check out the deal and purchase points here.
In the interest of full disclosure, I have purchased the maximum number of points to fill up my Radisson Rewards balance for an upcoming Europe trip and to meet a spend bonus target on one of my credit cards, earning me an extra 4% off the purchase price!

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