Provocative art at Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Taipei is one of the most modern and open cities in Asia and, to my surprise, has a vibrant art scene that is rare to find in the region! The Museum of Contemporary Art is housed in a historic building from the Japanese Colonial era and houses an interesting exhibit of modern art that’s surprising, innovative, challenging, unusual and provocative – all the things you’d want contemporary art to be!

If you are an art lover, finding good contemporary art exhibits in Asia is a bit of a challenge compared to Europe or the US. But worry not, Taipei has you covered. Right in the heart of this modern and open-minded city, you’ll find the Museum of Contemporary Art (it even has a snazzy abbreviation, MOCA). It’s housed in a historic building from the Japanese Colonial Era and the architecture alone is worth a visit.

The location near Taipei Main Station and a short walk from public transportation makes it easy to visit. The MOCA is housed in a small, two story building is compact enough to cover it, so you can fit it into the shortest Taipei trip!

Contemporary art can be surprising and unusual, you might love it or hate it or just shake your head. But it is likely to challenge you and provoke your thoughts, regardless of whether you like it or not!

The Taipei MOCA houses frequently changing, temporary exhibits with widely varying topics, so you can visit once or visit again and will find something new! I will let the photos of the most recent exhibit speak for itself and let you decide whether it’s worth your time!

Travel Tips: The Taipei MOCA is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-18:00h. Tickets are sold till 17:30h and cost TWD50, less than $2. Families can visit for free on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The tickets themselves are works of art, consider them a souvenir of your visit!

The Museum is located near Taipei Main Station (about a 10 minute walk) and can also be reached by the red and green Metro line, exit at Zhongshan station.

You can find the current exhibits, hours and ticket prices here!

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