Power of Promotion I – Results

If you have followed this blog recently, you know about my attempt to make the most of an Accor promotion to gain status quickly and with minimal expense (read here). Now it’s time to look at the results – did Accor deliver as promised?

My expectation was to receive Gold status with the Accor LeClub program after three one-night stays at the

ibis Sathorn ($39, incl. breakfast, review here)
Mercure Ocean Resort Pattaya ($68, room only, review here)
ibis Pattaya ($56, incl. breakfast, review here)

So, for a grand total of $163 (or $149 without breakfast), I would earn Gold Status with Accor, which normally requires 30 nights, and earn 6,000 miles with AirBerlin, which I’d value conservatively at $60.

 AccorSuccess Gold nonrDrummroll… It worked! The points (regular and promotional) for the two ibis hotels posted within a few days. I had to follow up via email regarding the missing Mercure points. They were posted quickly. My status was adjusted after only three nights stayed with Accor and with minimal spend (less than $30/night, after deducting miles value and breakfast).

AccorSuccess AirBerlinThe Accor points were deducted immediately for the transfer to Air Berlin and took a few weeks to show up on my Air Berlin account, but show they did! The cost for acquiring those miles was 2.48 cents/mile (excluding breakfast), which would be a great mileage run! These miles put me over the line for a one-way business class ticket on a OneWorld carrier between South East Asia and Europe – I will report more on that in the future!

Overall, this promotion was a success for me and worked with minor issues. I’ll forgive the points not posting automatically at the Mercure – it’s a brand-new hotel and this was the only glitch I encountered. Overall, the points system at Accor seems to be well automated and processes well established to post. The promotional link to Air Berlin also worked flawlessly. This worked much better than the IHG promotions of late (looking at you, “Into the Nights” and I’m sure to check out future promotions from Accor for my stays!

While some members who stayed the required 30 nights for Gold might be upset that I got status so quickly, in a world of devaluations of miles & points and the ever-disappearing perks for loyal members, it is more important than ever to make the most out of the systems. So, you should make the most of the programs within the rules of the game! Good luck to you and come back to read about other promotions who can help you with points, miles and status!

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