Pay with MasterPass twice, earn a free night with Wyndham Rewards!

Wyndham Rewards, is running a promotion until October 31, 2017: Book through their mobile app and pay through MasterPass and earn 7,500 bonus points for up to two stays. You can earn 15,000 points with two stays, enough for one free night at any of 8,000 Wyndham Hotels worldwide – or up to 5 nights paid with points & cash! This is one of the best hotel rewards promotions currently available and I recommend to sign up!

Promotions offering a fixed amount of points per stay are great if you are willing to stay at low-priced hotels – they can offer outsize awards! There are a lot of Wyndham properties around the world available for under $50/night. So, two stays of one night each, can cost less than $100. I value Wyndham Rewards points at 1cent/point, for a total reward of $150 – so, you earn more points than what you paid for! With 15,000 bonus points, you could stay at the Wyndham Santa Monica (worth $400/night on a summer weekend) or at high-end resorts like the Silverado Resort Napa Valley, California!

Wyndham Santa Monica

How do you do it? You can only book through Wyndham’s mobile app. That’s actually a good thing, as you will be able to track your booking much better than on their web site – which needs some serious work!
You also need to have a MasterPass account with any credit card stored in the account. You can sign up for an account from the Wyndham app. And while MasterPass is a service of MasterCard, you can use a credit card with any logo, like Visa or American Express as well.
You have to make a booking between now and October 31 and complete your stay(s) before or on October 31st – checking out on November 1 will not count!
After your stay is complete, you will earn the regular points for your stay (10 points per 1 USD spent, at least 1,000 points) as well as 7,500 bonus points.

This is similar to the Visa Checkout promotion last year that offered 5,000 points per stay. I participated in that promotion and it worked flawlessly. I am planning to do a “mattress run” and will probably try out one of the Wyndham properties in Manila to take advantage of this promotion. 

You can see all the details, terms and conditions here! Careful though, as described above, you have to book through the mobile app!  Don’t click on the “book now” button on the web page or you won’t be able to earn the bonus – it’s confusing…
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