Pacific Club Lounge Manila Terminal 3 Reviewed

More and more international flights are leaving from Manila’s Terminal 3 (or NAIA3) and now, you have a few lounge options there, too. PriorityPass, Delta, KLM and SkyTeam are utilizing the Pacific Club Lounge in Terminal 3. Read my review to find out if it’s worth stopping by!

PacificClubLoungeMNL2The Pacific Club lounge is located in the international part of the terminal on the level 4 (above the departure area, access by elevator or stairs). It is  available to Priority Pass members (in my case, courtesy of Citibank Prestige MasterCard) and two guests. The Pacific Club Lounge is also serving Delta, KLM and SkyTeam passengers and it is a great option as one of the nicer lounges in the Philippines! It is an L-shaped layout, with a bistro style area past the reception, offering tables with chairs and a buffet of food and drinks. Walking around the corner, you will find comfortable sofas/chairs and couch tables to relax, as well as news papers and magazine and TVs. There is a row of work spaces, bat style along the wall. The design was rather modern and much nicer than other Priority Pass lounges I have seen so far.

PacificClubLounge BreakfastThe food choices were limited during the evening visit, with some small sandwiches and hot dishes, but they tasted good. There were a good selection of soft drinks as well as beer, white and red wine and some hard liquor! I celebrated my first proper lounge experience at NAIA3 with a glass of red, which was pretty good as far as lounge-wines go, and some snacks.
On a second visit for an early morning flight, the food choices were much better: There were fresh fruit, cornflakes and breads/pastries, as well as bite-sized servings of pancakes and steak & eggs. I ate my way through the selection and every single one of them tasted surprisingly good – and I had a full breakfast, including cappuccino and orange juice! This certainly beat the offer of the ANA business class lounge by a long shot.
There is free Wifi as well as a Television to help you spend your time till departure. It’s a comfortable place to wait for your flight in NAIA’s Terminal 3. If you are flying StarAlliance, you might want to check out Singapore Airline’s brand new lounge on the same level – it’s even nicer!


Pacific Club Lounge Manila Terminal 3 Reviewed — 17 Comments

    • No, sorry: the Pacific Lounge is on the international side of the terminal. For domestic travel, there only is a pay-lounge upstairs.

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  2. Just. Ask i have an bpi delta skymiles card ,they say that i have i free access the pacific its is true ?its means i have a previldges so i can make benefits of the food and drinks . for how many person+ thanks

    • As far as I understand, only the BPI Skymiles Platinum card offers access to the Pacific Club (which serves as Delta Lounge at NAIA3). I don’t know, if a Delta Boardingpass is required (I would think so) and whether you can bring a guest or not (I would guess not).
      I will ask the next time I’m at the Lounge!

  3. Sorry but this lounge is disgusting.

    Tuna pasta delivered from catering at 3:30pm (I was told by staff). Sat in no entry room for over an hour until I complained about lack off fresh food (I was there on a long layover). Pasta come out 5 minutes later (cold) and put into a warmer that even after an hour had barely gone beyond tepid.
    Call me old fashioned but twice warmed Tuna up to around 26c is a home for growing germs rather than my stomach.
    Plenty of booze to get wrecked off if that’s your thing but trust me give the disgusting food a miss. Better still avoid entirely.

    • Ever since the Pacific Club became the contract lounge for Delta, they started to only have food later in the afternoon (portions have always been snacks-size, not meal replacements).
      I have since started to go to the SkyView Lounge in the same terminal – it has much better food that can replace a meal and I’ve reviewed and recommended it here!

  4. Hi, I just want to ask if I can book a room for my sister? She will be travelling on March 23 from abubdhabi and she wants to stay in the airport because she has an early morning flight the next day.
    If yes, How much would it be?

    • If your sister wants to stay in the airport, The Wings Transit lounge is a better option – it offers sleep pods or rooms with beds, as well as showers, It’s located in Terminal 3, outside security, so she’ll have to go through immigration. You can find prices here!

    • Sorry for your loss. I don’t have a phone number for the Pacific Club Lounge and they are not listed online.

  5. Hi! Just wanna know if you paid $27. I’m confused about how the Priority Pass membership really works. I was issued a free Priority Pass membership (standard membership only, I guess) thanks to my Metrobank Platinum Visa credit card. But the articles I read online says that if you have standard membership, you’d have to pay $27 per visit. So I’m really confused. Do I also get to bring one companion for free? I have a trip in two weeks so I really want to know the exact details about this. Thank you!

    • Priority Pass has multiple levels: Standard has a fee for each visit and each guest. Standard PLus includes a number of free visits per year for the member and fees for more visits and guests. The Prestige level includes an unlimited number of visits for the member, with guest visits depending on the country or credit card that issued the PriorityPass membership.
      If you have a standard membership, you’ll have to pay a fee for yourself and each guest.
      For Philippine residents, the Citibank PremierMiles card is a good option – you get two free lounge passes each year!
      Look out for a more detailed review of PriorityPass coming soon!

  6. Is BPI Signature Visa Credit card accepted to Pacific Club Lounge? Can the principal and suplementary cardholders bring 1 guest each? Thanks

    • Yes, it’s accepted at the Pacific Club Lounge and you can bring one guest. I’m not sure if that is true for suplementary cardholders, I would think so…

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