My new favorite coffee and breakfast place in Manila – Single Origin, Fort Bonifacio Global City

Traveling in Asia used to be a tough ride for coffee lovers – tea ruled the day and coffee often meant “instant” coffee next to the kettle and tea bags at your hotel or even many restaurants. Thankfully, just like other large Asian cities, Manila has discovered its love of coffee. Not only large coffee chains like Starbucks can be found all over the city, but independent coffee shops or smaller chains are fighting for the title of best coffee. Single Origin in Fort Bonifacio Global City is one of those new coffee places and it’s on track to become my favorite!

MNL SingleOrigin MapWe decided to try out Single Origin for breakfast on the weekend. It’s located on the North Side (upper level) of the Central Square on High Street in the heart of Fort Bonifacio Global City. It’s a great central spot, near plenty of parking, shopping and entertainment. You can choose from indoor and outdoor seating and there are a number of communal tables to share. It’s all decked out in raw-looking wooden furniture and with unfinished ceilings, making for a casual setting.

This is the Philippines and thanks to the love of food, in addition to the coffee, there is a mouthwatering menu. Service was quick and friendly, like in most places in Manila, and we selected cappuccinos, waffles with strawberries and pancakes with berries. The coffee was lovingly made with little pictures drawn into the milk-foam – a small touch that makes my morning a little better. MNL SingleOrigin InteriorThe food took a little time, but was worth the wait! My waffles were thick, a little crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, with whipped cream, strawberries and syrup. They were baked just right and were delicious. The portion was big, but manageable. The pancakes were super-thick, fluffy and came with berries, whipped cream and nuts. It was a huge portion, big enough to share or take home!

MNL SingleOrigin WafflesThe quality of the coffee was significantly better than Starbucks or Coffee Bean and comparable to Wildflour or Toby’s Estate. The food and service was better than at any of the other places, making it our new favorite breakfast and coffee place. Let’s hope Single Origin keeps it up and they stay at this level without cutting corners! Give it a try!

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