My favorite Thai food in Bangkok – Soul Food Mahanakorn review

I finally made it back to my favorite Thai restaurant in Bangkok, Soul Food Mahanakorn! You can find great Thai food anywhere in Bangkok, the City of Angels, from street food and food courts to glizzy restaurants. Soul Food offers a great take on favorite Thai dishes, has an interesting cocktail list to go with it and serves it all up in a nice environment.

BKK Map Soulfood MahanakornI met with friends at this small places near Thong Lor BTS Station. It’s very popular, so we made a reservation via the HungryHub reservation app and got a nice table near the bar. The restaurant is held in earth tones with lots of wood, making it feel a little more hi-so than your average Bangkok eatery and a warm, comfortable place to be.

BKK SoulFoodMahanakorn - 1Thailand is a beer country, so the good wine list and fun cocktails are the first thing that makes Soul Food stand out! We tried the Lo So Mojito, Soul Punch and So Fashioned and they were all pretty good, if pricey! For the food, family style sharing is the way to go, so you can taste lots of different dishes! We had the Crispy Morning Glory Salad – the leaves were lightly fried and very crispy – that’s my kind of salad! I had to pass on the Pomelo Salad with prawns because it has peanuts, but my friends had to point out, repeatedly, how to delicious it was! My favorite dish of the evening was the Sticky Tamarind Ribs, very tender and a tasty, sweet sauce with it! A close second were the Isaan and Chiang Mai sausages, a nice spicy contrast. The Flank Steak Nahm Tok came recommended and was really good, although the steak could have been a little more tender! The menu calls everything “small plates” but don’t worry: the portions are good size! The dessert menu offered some interesting ice cream choices, like durian and lychee, as well as, of course, Mango Sticky Rice, but I was full by that time! Needless to say, we cleaned all the plates to the last bit! I had to be quick to snap some photos of the food before it started to disappear!
BKK SoulFoodMahankorn Food c2
Overall, Soul Food Mahanakorn offers a fun twist on Thai food, serving up delicious food. Add the convenient location near BTS, the friendly and attentive service, the nice atmosphere and the best cocktail list I’ve seen at any Thai restaurant, and you have a sure winner. All this comes at a price point that’s a little higher than other local restaurants, but well deserved for all the differentiation they offer. I’m sure I will be back and I’d recommend you give it a try!

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