My favorite rooftop bar in Bangkok – Octave, Marriott Sukhumvit

Bangkok is at its best when viewed from the top of a skyscraper at sunset – which explains the popularity of rooftop bars in the City of Angels. My new favorite rooftop bar in Bangkok is Octave on top of the Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. In addition to views of the sunset over the Chao Phraya River and the twinkling lights of the city, you get great cocktails – and they are 50% off during sunset happy hour!

The Vertigo rooftop bar on top of the Banyan Tree started the trend – and ever since a growing number of rooftop bars on top of one new skyscraper after the other has joined the fray. Usually, that involves middling drinks and foods at sky-high prices (pun intended), that you have to grudgingly accept for the fantastic views.
Enter Octave, located on top of the roof of the Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel at Soi 57 in Thong Lor, it stretches over two levels. On the top, a round, blue lit bar in the center sets the stylish tone of the bar. There are cocktail tables along the railing towards the sunset and comfortable lounge seating all around the other three sides. They have a system worked out where you first stand at the bar, “graduate” to the cocktail tables and finally to the lounge seating as it becomes available. We have always ended up in the seats after a short wait, but if you don’t want to wait, there is always room on the level below (but without the airy feeling of being on top of the world). You get views down Sukhumvit Road, through the heart of modern Bangkok and all the way to the Chao Phraya river, with the sun setting over it.

So far, that’s all par for trendy rooftop bars in Bangkok. But Octave does better than most. For starters, they offer a happy hour from 5-7pm every evening with standard cocktails 50% off. They offer a Thai twist on popular cocktails from around the world and are worth trying out. They are the best cocktails I’ve found on a Bangkok rooftop so far and a good deal at those happy hour prices.

Bottomline: With killer views, a stylish design and great drinks at happy hour prices, Octave has become my new favorite rooftop bar in Bangkok. I’ve taken lots of friends and visitors there and will certainly be back on my next visit to Bangkok, the City of Angels!

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