My best luxury spa experience in Bangkok – Divana Virtue Spa Review

If you are looking for the best luxury spa in Bangkok, the Divana Virtue spa in this review fits the bill! It’s situated in an old colonial building near Sathorn, offers spacious, well appointed spa suites and uses high-quality products for your treatment. It’s a place to pamper body and mind, so bring plenty of time to enjoy a day to relax and recover!

BKK DivanaVirtueSpa - 7The Divana Virtue Spa is in the heart of the business district of Bangkok, near Sathorn and Silom roads, making it easy to reach from many offices and hotels. Yet, the setting in a colonial building, surrounded by lush gardens, couldn’t be more removed from the hectic, buzzing city and provides the first step into the relaxation of body and mind! You just can’t recreate this atmosphere in a busy shopping mall or hotel, and it provides a great venue for the East-Meets-West treatments.

On arrival, you are greeted by a knowledgeable spa consultant who will provide you with an overview of their signature treatments and a whole catalog of massages, facials and scrubs. My treatment for the day was their Signature “Ayurvedic Rose Glamour” program – 3 ½ hours of bliss, crafted for romantic getaways and honeymooners!

BKK DivanaVirtueSpa - 2My spa concierge led me to the Spa Suite and introduced me to my therapist: the space felt more like a small apartment than a “room”, entering into a large room with two massage beds for the treatment and a bench to sit for the foot bath. Through an archway was the large bathroom with a toilet, sink, large shower with steam room and the main feature, a deep, round soaking tub! The whole suite was tastefully decorated, befitting the heritage building as well as its home city! Despite being in the middle of the city, I didn’t hear any sounds other than the gentle spa music, another key ingredient for a truly encompassing spa experience!

BKK DivanaVirtueSpa - 5My treatment started with an ayurvedic massage and my therapist was able to adjust the pressure to the needs of my body as she went along! It was followed by a rose-stone massage, a first for me! She incorporated the use of the smooth, hot stones seamlessly into the massage strokes, making it so very relaxing and comfortable! The next step was an ayurvedic oil drop onto the forehead. Shirodhara is the application of warm oil onto your third eye or chakra point just above your eyebrows. While it sounds odd and felt that way too, when she was setting it up, it’s one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had! I rarely fall asleep during a massage, but I soon was completely relaxed and my mind at easy, drifting away!

BKK DivanaVirtueSpa - 4The following head & scalp massage and honey & rose body scrub were certainly luxurious, although I’m not sure a body scrub is my kind of thing! Despite the high quality of the products used, I was very happy to get into the hot steam room of my spa suite. A long, hot shower washed away all the products and got me ready for the final step of my treatment, a bath in the deep, soaking tub! It’s probably a lot more fun for two honeymooners, but I thoroughly enjoyed the soak with some hot tea, juice and fresh fruit, before facing the sad moment of actually having to leave the tub!

BKK DivanaVirtueSpa - 3While I usually just go for a full body massage of 60-90 minutes, indulging in a 3 ½ hour treatment is thoroughly relaxing for body and mind. At the Divana Virtue Spa, it is a very special treat, that combines the location, ambience, facilities, quality products and skilled products into a luxurious treatment deserving of the many rewards they have received! This excellence comes at a price. I was fortunate to experience the Divana Spa as part of the TBEX Asia conference, at no charge. The regular price for the 3 ½ hour  Ayurvedic Rose Glamour program is THB6,250 ($180), making it the most expensive treatment I’ve had in Bangkok, where the most basic massage starts at $10/h. You ultimately get what you pay for: the ambience and quality of products are far beyond your average hotel or spa massage in Bangkok and compared to a massage of similar quality in the US or Europe, it’s a great deal. I’d recommend it, if you are looking for a special treat – it makes a great gift, to a loved one or to yourself! If this sounds expensive and you are looking for a basic body massage, there are plenty of simpler options in Bangkok.

Divana Spa has three other locations, the Divana Divine Spa, near Thong Lor, the Divana Spa, near Asoke, and the Dii Wellness Med Spa at Central Embassy, Ploen Chit. They all offer a different atmosphere, from contemporary to futuristic, and different treatments, including anti-aging treatments at the Dii Med Spa!  

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