My best dinner in Riga – Domini Canes

For my last dinner in Riga, I picked a restaurant in the Old Town that was highly recommended for its food and service on Tripadvisor. It’s on a quiet street right behind St. Peter’s church. With nice indoor and outdoor seating and the menu on a blackboard on the door, the scene was set for my best dinner in Riga!

RIG DominiCanes OutsideI chose to sit outside while the weather is warm enough and with a view of the church and people walking by (see my Baltic Explorer map). There is also a very cozy dining room and bar, which would make for a nice, romantic dinner setting, if that’s what you are looking for! Service was professional, polite and quick, although a little cold in the delivery. Oddly, for the second time on this trip, the staff rejected the tip when paying with a credit card – apparently, the amount on the receipt has to match the credit card amount and as elsewhere in Europe, there is no tip line…
RIG DominiCanes DesertDC offers a full menu of soup and salad for appetizers and a wide selection of pasta, meat and seafood as main courses. There were some ambitious dishes on the menu, like the lamb shank with red wine-poached beets or the tuna steak with cucumber mint tagliatelle, so you can make this a special evening out. They also have a full bar menu of soft drinks, beer, wine and cocktails, so there should be something for everybody. You can check out their menu here!
I had my heart set on the tomato soup, but unfortunately they were not able to make it without the onions listed on the menu, so I went straight for the main course and left room for dessert. I had some (nice and fresh) bread with butter to go with a glass of red wine. I selected the pasta with a tomato sauce and beef as my main course. The beef wasn’t really tender, but the pasta and sauce were good. The best part of the dinner was the Creme Brule with fresh fruit on top – it tasted great! The meal was inexpensive, despite the prime location, but you can certainly rack up a bigger bill with some of the menu and wine choices.
If you are looking for a nice dinner, maybe a special occasion, Domini Canes is worth checking out – it was my favorite dinner in Riga!

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