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NH Hotels is the core brand of the NH Hotels Group. They are based in Spain and provide mid-scale and upscale hotels in Europe and Latin America. They are one of the biggest brands in these regions, so if you have travel plans for Europe or Latin America, read on to find out what kind of experience you can expect from an NH Hotel!

So, who are they? The first NH Hotel opened its doors in 1978 in Spain, the first international hotel followed 20 years later in Latin America. There are over 300 NH Hotels in 29 countries, or 80% of all properties in the group (more NH facts & figures).
NH Hotels describes their hotels as “3 and 4 star urban hotels for those travelers who for business or leisure purposes are looking for an excellent location with the best value for money. Comfortable and functional rooms with services and facilities adapted to your needs. Our service is warm and friendly, we make sure that each guest makes the most of their stay, making it a memorable experience. We are your guide in the city.
That’s a fair description of the hotels and a good definition of their focus!

What experience can I expect? The NH Hotels are full-service mid-scale and upscale hotels. It’s one of the few chains that is targeting multiple price categories, offering a fairly wide range of properties – most hospitality brands are much more narrowly focused. This helps to give the brand more critical mass – they are still small in number and regional distribution.
It does make the experience more inconsistent though, as the brand reaches from basic, sometimes older mid-scale properties to nice, new or renovated upscale hotels, all under the same brand. NH Group has moved some of the properties upscale and eliminated some of the older, lower end hotels to protect the brand.
All the hotels I’ve stayed at are modern and contemporary in style, much more so than the American hotel chains and more comparable to the French Accor Group’s Mercure, Novotel and pullman brands. But where the Accor brands sometimes work with loud colors, I found NH Hotels to be more elegant, with soft and conservatives tones and more elegant furniture.
BUE NH Latino - 1Most of the hotels have a full staff, offering bell and concierge services. There are typically restaurants as well as a gym and wellness facilities or a pool on site.
Because they focus on business customers, you will usually see meeting rooms and services available to guests as well!
Their brand statement promises “excellent locations” and NH Hotels often do have great spots in the urban centers. In my searches in Latin America and Spain, there was usually an NH hotel in the city center that would fit my needs.
You can also expect “value for money” – I found them to be often lower priced than comparable American chain hotels!

So, you can expect modern, elegant rooms in central locations at a competitive price – that’s an experience worth looking for when traveling in Europe or Latin America!

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