Malaysian comfort food – Madam Kwan’s, Kuala Lumpur

Whenever I’m in Kuala Lumpur, my favorite Malaysian restaurant, Madam Kwan’s is on my itinerary! It’s delicious homestyle Malaysian food in central locations – think quick street food in a simple restaurant setting. After first having the Beef Rendang at the Singapore outlet years ago, I’ve come back many times and suggest you give it a try!

Madam Kwan’s has eight locations in and around Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, and I’ve been to the ones at the KLCC and the Pavillion Mall (unfortunately, the one in Singapore closed). The restaurants are casual, with simple tables and chairs, and pretty densely packed. The services is fast, you’ll be guided to your table and will have a menu and your order taken quickly.

The menu has a wide selection from soups and salads, typical Malaysian main courses like my favorite Beef Rendang, or national favorite Nasi Lemak and very yummy fried chicken, to desserts.

The food and drinks arrive very quickly. My Beef Rendang is so tender, it falls apart pretty much by looking at it and it is perfectly spicy, without being overwhelming. The fried chicken is equally well prepared, very crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The portions are pretty big and this is a great place to share family style and try more of the dishes!

If you have never had Malay food and are a little worried about trying streetfood, Madam Kwan’s is the perfect compromise – delicious food, simple & clean setting, reasonable prices. Next time you are in Kuala Lumpur, give it a try!

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