Louis’ Tavern Lounge BKK Reviewed

On a recent flight from Bangkok, I had a chance to check out Louis’ Tavern lounge at Svarnabhumi airport (BKK), courtesy of the Priortity Pass membership I got with my Citibank Prestige credit card and it was a pleasant stop to relax and have breakfast prior to our flight!

The good news for Priority Pass members is that they have access to 6 lounges at BKK, 1 each in concourse A, C and F and three in concourse G (where our flights were departing). My first try landed us in front of the lounge closed for renovation, but a friendly staff member directed us to the nearest one. It’s on level three, an escalator down from the departure level. Check-in at the lounge was quick, and thanks to the generous Priority Pass policy, I’m able to bring two guests (in this case my parents) at no extra charge!

LouisTavernLounge1The lounge is a big, glass box, overlooking the hallways outside, but no windows to let in natural light. Near the entrance, you find a small, half-round area for news papers, food and drinks – all nicely presented. It was early in the morning and I tried some fruit, sausages and mini-pancakes (from a self-serve machine, no less). The food tasted better than expected and was a sufficient breakfast! There were cold soft drinks and coffee. The coffee machine, which thankfully produced single-serve cups of coffee on demand, was having a bad day and was only working occasionally. I was glad I got my mandatory cup of coffee during a brief period of fully functioning – or this review would have been short and very bad! It was early in the morning, so I had no appetite for the beer in the fridge. They are supposed to carry “alcohol”, but I didn’t see any wine on offer, probably just due to time of day. There are no restrooms or showers in the lounge – you have to go outside to use the toilet.

Louis’ Tavern delivered all I need from a lounge in the morning: a small breakfast, coffee and juice, a newspaper and the chance to bring guests along! The environment is nothing special, but not any worse than your typical airport lounge. On my next visit to BKK, I will check out the other location at concourse G, level 4 in the departure area. It looks much larger, brighter and also offers showers and restrooms! At first glance, it seems like a better choice and I will report about it soon!

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