Leaving Bali on a luxurious note – Bali Premier Airport Lounge

Bali’s beautiful, new international terminal offers two lounges, with the Premier Lounge available to the premier passengers and elite members of frequent flyer programs of most of the airlines serving Denpasar, as well as to Priority Pass members. If you haven’t noticed, I’m becoming a bigger fan of the Citibank Prestige card and its complimentary PriorityPass membership with every trip. Especially on my ASEAN Explorer trip with AirAsia, it’s nice to make budget air travel a little more comfortable with lounge access.

The Premier Lounge is at the upper level of the international terminal, past security and overlooking the mall/terminal. The reception staff was friendlier than I have seen at any lounge to date – more similar to a 5-star hotel than an airport lounge, so count me impressed. After the usual sign-in, a concierge brought me into the lounge, found an available seat for me and answered any question I had – that’s a first and certainly a first-class touch! The space is nicely designed, with wooden support beams mimicking trees, letting in light through the glass ceiling. PremierLounge2There are two food buffet areas and a bar, with plenty of seating in comfortable chairs, set up in small groups, rather than the waiting room layout of your typical US big-three lounge. While it was busy during my visit, it was still calm and pleasent. There were soft drinks and juices as well as wine and beer on offer. The food during my mid-day departure ranged from breakfast food (pastries, cereal) to soup, salad, sandwiches and a local noodle dish with some added meat choices. While it wasn’t the best lounge food ever, it certainly beats the typical airport/airline food and was fine as my lunch for the day. There is also a small spa that offers foot and chair massages, although at for Bali outrageous fees. You have access to free WiFi, although I wouldn’t bet my professional career on it – it’s not very reliable and slow, probably because the lounge was busy with lots of people browsing.

What really made the lounge stand out though was their staff. From the reception to the concierge and the wait/bar staff, everybody was exceptionally helpful and friendly. The big airlines should send their lounge staff for a visit to see how it’s done, done exceptionally well!

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