How to find cheap air fares!

There are lots of way to find a cheap airline ticket – today I want to give you some options to keep an eye on the airfares for a future trip, so you don’t miss out on a deal, even if you are not in a hurry to book your tickets!

I have shared one of my favorite sites to find the best airfare right now: Kayak! It’s easy to use, can give you an indication to buy now or hold off and has a track record of searching more sites than most to find you the best fare around the world for a ticket you want to book right now! You can read my review here. Kayak also has a “price alert” feature: If you have a specific trip and dates in mind, but the current prices are too high, you can set up an alert for that itinerary with a maximum price. You’ll get a message, if a ticket below that price becomes available!

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But what if you are not quite ready to book a trip that’s sometime in the future and you want to wait for a great deal to come along? Or, you are flexible with your destination, maybe several cities in Europe or Asia are ok as starting points for your trip? In those case, there are two deal sites that are invaluable to stay on top of current deals available for flights:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.10.05 PMTheFlightDeal is one of the sites I monitor regularly via Twitter and you have seen them regularly featured in my weekly DealDispatch. They manage to spot great deals originating in the US to destinations around the planet. You can search by departure city or by destination region to filter through the many posts. Each post provides detailed advice on how to find those fares (which the airlines don’t make easy!). You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or via their newsletter to be alerted of all the deals coming up. Unfortunately, there is no way to set up custom alerts tailored to your specific interests, so it will take some reading or regular return visits to not miss any deal!

Airfarewatchdog is another deal site that keeps track of great fares from US cities to all over the world. What makes this site especially helpful is the ability to tailor your search to more specific deals, for example from one airport, only domestic/international deals or weekend flights. You can also browse fares from/to a city or popular destinations/routes for some inspiration. The best feature is that you can set up alerts tailored to your needs, allowing for departure and arrival cities or city-to-city pairs as well as more generic updates! You can also follow them on Twitter to get the latest and greatest!Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.56.55 AM

So, if you want to get a better deal on your next flight, you should check out the sites above and set up alerts to keep you informed. Airline fares are lower than ever – you just have to find them! Good luck and safe travels!

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