You can no longer claim missing GetGo reward points on Cebu Pacific Air!

Update: Cebu Pacific is a no-excuses, low-cost carrier, serving Filipinos and visitors around the world and has a lot of loyal, return customers. Cebu Pacific no longer allows the retroactive credit of points for flights already taken! Read my update below for more details!

UPDATE: Cebu Pacific airlines has stopped allowing customers to claim points for flights already taken, when the customer didn’t provide their GetGo number at the time of booking or check-in. You now have to book online and log into your GetGo account, provide your travel agent with your GetGo number to be added to the account or provide your GetGo number at check-in.
You can view your GetGo account online to make sure any flight in your name is linked to your account! If your flight is booked with your GetGo number, but the points are not credited to your account a few days after completing your trip, you can contact GetGo customer service via email to ask for credit. Make sure you have proof of your booking showing your GetGo number (screenshot or itinerary)!.
You can read the process Cebu Pacific took earlier this year in the full post below!
You can read my full review of the GetGo Rewards program and how to make the most out of your points here!
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Over the years, I had a few issues with points not being credited to various hotel or airline programs, sometimes it was me forgetting to enter the information prior to my flight or stay, sometimes it was a mistake by the airline/hotel staff entering the information and a few times it was system errors. I was glad that these programs offered a chance to claim credit for missing points – I also claimed points with GetGo once. 

CebuPac GetGoCebu Pacific sent out an email letting me know that the feature for claiming missing points will be turned off on March 1st. They also advise to enter the GetGo number when booking future flights! That was a surprising move, considering that any travel reward program I know offers this type of feature, so I followed up with Nik Laming, the GM of Cebu Pacific’s Loyalty Devision and here is his response:

“It is certainly not our intent to make it more difficult for members to earn points. In the event where there has been some problem or we are at fault we would handle the claim in the back office on an exception basis.
We have recently improved the Cebu Pacific website with a more prominent GetGo login which has various benefits including automatically populating membership number.”

I have observed the improvements to the Cebu Pacific web site and making it easier to log in and automatically populating the GetGo number should drastically reduce the number of “forgotten” entries. I tried the process recently, and it pushes you to log in and ensure you get credit.
Considering that Cebu Pacific has a laser-focus on low-cost, I think it’s appropriate to reduce the manual effort involved with the customer support required to manually handle retroactive point credits – from my professional career, I know that the cost of a single customer service call can easily outweigh the value of the points claimed! In return for low fares I’m willing to do some “self service” and enter my number when I book, no problem.
And I do appreciate the assurance that there will be an exception process to handle claims where it is Cebu Pacific’s fault that points didn’t credit correctly. I think it’s important to keep the trust of loyal travelers to ensure that they earn points for any booking they made and entered their number correctly.

So, if you have missing points from flights already taken, go to the claim form here by March 1st. And make sure to log into your account when making a new booking going forward, so your number is automatically populated in the system for proper credit (see the red arrow!).
CebuPacific SignIn1If you forget to log-in, you will be prompted to do so during the booking process with this screen:
CebuPacific SignIn2I did check that during a booking my number did automatically populate into the booking, so it seems to work correctly to ensure you get credit!
I will keep you posted on the process how to claim points in case there is an IT system error resulting in missing points (which hopefully should be very, very rare).

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You can no longer claim missing GetGo reward points on Cebu Pacific Air! — 35 Comments

    • You can give your GetGo number to the travel agent and ask them to enter it into the reservation. There is no additional cost to your business.

    • If you did not enter your GetGo number at the time of booking or check-in, unfortunately, you won’t be able to claim your points any longer.
      If you did enter your number, and CebuPac didn’t credit you correctly, you can contact the GetGo customer service by email or phone to resolve it.

      • Hi! I booked a flight for Hongkong and Iloilo. I did not see any points credited to my account after I have made my payments. I saw that the GETGO number has been automatically populated into the system. Not quite sure how to take it from here.

        and….My friend said that the point would show after I have taken the flight. Is this true?

        Please help. Thank you!

    • Your friend will need to get a GetGo membership card and enter it at check-in into the booking.
      You can add your friend to your “circles” and use the points earned for anybody in your circle.

  1. “It is certainly not our intent to make it more difficult for members to earn points.”
    – makes me laugh. such bs.

      • i already clicked “my points” but there are only three choices there: redeem points, convert points and shop … not like before, there was missing points as one of the choices.

      • Sorry, you can’t claim missing points any longer. Unfortunately, Cebu Pacific has eliminated that option. You have to make sure the agency enters your GetGo number at the time of booking or you enter it at the time of online check-in.

  2. my missing point flight last march 31 zamboanga to manila cannot claims the missing point and other flight date june 25 2017 from manila to zamboanga, also flight july 21 and 24 2017 from zamboanga to cebu vice versa

    • Sorry, you are no longer able to claim points after your flight. You have to make sure to enter your GetGo number when you book your flight or when you check in for your flight!

  3. Hi, I entered my getgo number but it seems that all my bookings this month earned no point at all. How I can I raise this concern? To whom will I be reaching out?

    Thank you.

    • GetGo promised to address issues with points posting through their customer service. You can find the contact information for GetGo here!
      Make sure to have your booking confirmation or boarding pass with your membership number handy as proof.

  4. Hi! Is signing in with your get go number before booking already means you are legible to get the points? Or was it a separate process where you key-in your getgo number at a different page?

    • If you are making the booking with your GetGo number, you will be eligible to earn points. You can always double check by going to your profile and viewing your bookings: If your flight is showing up in your GetGo account, the points will post after you complete the flight!

  5. I was booked via our agent.when I checked in online I was prompted that the reference number does not belong to me so I opted to use the kiosk on my round trip flights. How do I credit my points to my get go account.

    • Looks like your agent booked your flight without your GetGo number. If you have an issue like this, you have to address it with the agent before your flight.
      Unfortunately, you can’t claim credit for your points anymore after the flights!

  6. can i still have my points if i check-in over the counter?should i just inform the counter staff about it? will it be credited to me even if i booked without my getgo membership

  7. If a friend books a flight in my behalf, will I be able to claim my points only when I actually check in? not during booking?

    • I agree, most airlines do. I guess they are trying to save cost of manually processing this…
      Your best bet is to make sure you enter your GetGo number when you book and verify when you check-in!

  8. Question. What if I booked my flight via traveloka and upon check-in, I went to the automated machine to get my boarding pass, can I still claim my getgo points?

    • You will only get points, if you provided your GetGo number during the booking or during check-in.
      There is unfortunately no way to get them after the flight…

    • you can call cebu pacific hotline and ask the agent to enter your getgo number days before your flight.
      Provide your booking reference number to the agent so he/she can find your booking.

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