Great place for an evening at the waterfront – Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

On my most recent trip to Buenos Aires, the neighborhood that I found to be most improved over my previous visit, was Puerto Madero – a great place to come for a stroll and a meal, during the day or evening! It has been the largest urban renewal project in Buenos Aires and is a great example for successful waterfront renewal!

Puerto Madero was the old port of the city and was abandoned after the new port was finished early in the 20th century. The area decayed over decades and it wasn’t till the 90’s that one of the many renewal proposals was put into action. The waterfront was restored and the Hilton luxury hotel opened in 1999. During my first visit to Buenos Aires in 2002, it was still new and felt a little empty. But over the last decade, the area has boomed and is a fun place to visit. A number of high-rise building have gone up, providing a stunning skyline. Along the old piers, countless eateries have sprung up, offering a wide variety of food, including a number of high-end, high-priced, stylish restaurants, all with great views of the panorama as well as fun people watching. Add to that the iconic Puente de la Mujer and a number of new museums, like the Fortabat Art Collection, you have a lot to see as well.

BUA PuertoMadero 2And if you want to escape from the bustling city, you can continue on to the Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve between Puerto Madero and the Rio de la Plata! In addition to the naturalists, it’s a favorite with joggers and bikers, providing balance to the metropolitan area!

BUA PuertoMadero SunsetPuerto Madero is on the edge of downtown Buenos Aires and the public transport links are BUA PuertoMadero Maplimited. You can take a taxi or take the metro to Plaza de Mayo and walk from their. I found it to be most interesting in the evenings watching the sun go down over the waterfront and the bars and restaurants come alive. As the temperatures go down, it’s pleasant to walk along the old piers and take in live in the city! Even if you only have a short time in Buenos Aires, I’d recommend to add it to your itinerary – it’s a fun place to go!

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