Great Italian food in Seminyak, Bali – MozarellA!

After some time on Bali (or around South East Asia), you might be craving for some good Italian food. And the emphasis is on good – there is Italian food available on pretty much every street of South Bali. If you are looking for high-quality food with great service, the “MozarellA” restaurant in Seminyak should be on your list!

I had eaten at the Mozarella before and enjoyed it, so we went on our most recent trip again and had a good time. The service is very friendly, even by high Bali standards, and well trained and professional. The staff introduced themselves by name, asked for ours and addressed us from then on by name.
Mozarella MapThe restaurant is on Camplung Tanduk, near the fave hotel. You can’t miss it – it has an awning in the colors of the Italian flag – red, white and green! The seating is a mix of outdoor seating with a view over the road and indoor seating with air conditioning. We sat outside, the weather was pleasant and the road noise not a problem for us. We tried the Tomato & Mozarella appetizer, two of the pasta dishes and a chocolate cake with ice cream to finish. We loved the appetizer and both of the pasta dishes were delicious. They used good, fresh ingredients, were cooked just right and presented nicely. The dessert was great as well and disappeared quickly!
They have a long menu, including lots of appetizers, salads and soups, a good selection of pasta and pizza dishes as well as various meat dishes. They even have some local dishes, in case one of the group really wants to stay with Indonesian food during the vacation! We tried two of the meat dishes (stuffed chicken and duck) on a subsequent visit and they were equally good.
We were tempted to try their cocktails by their happy hour special – but I would recommend to resist the temptation and stick with soft drinks, beer or wine – the cocktails were pretty weak and not very good! Their wine list is pretty good by Bali standards and gives you some nice choices with your meal!
The prices at Mozarella are higher than the average Italian restaurant in South Bali – but the quality of the food and service justify it in my opinion!

Mozarella is a mini-chain with multiple locations around South Bali. We tried one of their other outlets in Kuta and were disappointed. While the decor and menu are the same, the service was decidedly worse: the staff seemed disoriented, ironically they were out of Mozarella that night, as well as most of their red wine and the wine they did have did not arrive until after we finished our appetizers. While they were friendly, there was one issue after the other. So, while the food was good, the service marred the experience and I’d not recommend the Kuta location.

If you find yourself in Legian or Seminyak with a craving for a good Italian meal with great service, check out the MozarellA restaurant in Seminyak!

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